Solar Battery Charger Prank free download APK app – 2017

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Solar Battery Charger Prank download from 9apps 

Solar Battery Charger Prank is one of the most superb app and a best solution to all the mobiles users as through this you can very well charge your phone, fast and environmental friendly manner. Through this app no sooner does your phone get incurred with light than its battery being charged. This app generates like the electricity and you can see the power of this solar battery charging prank app. With the power of the sun, you can charge your phone by having the access of this Solar Battery Charger. This app completely uses the light sensor of the phone to charge the battery. And thus, within a few minutes in the light, you can than see the level battery level of your phone increasing. This app is considered to be the better solar charging apps in the market. This battery charger grants you complete access to charge your android device without incurring electricity, and hence, you can charge your phone’s battery with the solar energy.

On being on the middle of the road and you want to charge your phone or tablet and you don’t have any access of electricity source then no other app is than the Solar Battery Charger will help to charge your phone with the light of the solar. This is one of the prank applications which will charge your phone’s battery. Thus, through this fake application you can even prank your friends. This is one of a very handy source which helps in generating electricity. Electricity is being accessed through sun light. And thus, if you want to generate electricity through solar light you have to incur some solar planets or other solar devices. This app is specially incurred for those who want to prank others and hence the Solar Battery Charger app is very easily applicable to people of all ages. It really looks like a real wireless charging device. It also incurs you with the current battery status. And it is very easily available in the web store of 9 Apps.


Below mentioned are the awesome features of this app, just have a look at them

  1. Charger accessed with the light of the Sun known as Solar Charger
  2. Authentic and impressive graphics
  3. Quick Charge: Get the charging done instantly with this solar battery charger prank for Android Mobile
  4. Display of the Virtual Battery Power

Solar Battery Charger Prank free download APK app – 2017

To get the instant charging done on y our mobile devices when the battery is low, check out this prank application just for entertainment purpose and simply get the installation done from 9apps web store, just download and enjoy the fun to the fullest without incurring any subscription fee.

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