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Whatsapp Messenger is an app which is totally FREE of cost and is used in all iPhones and Smartphones. This app needs the phone’s internet connection such as (4G, 3G/2G/EDGE and also applicable on Wifi). It makes you deliver messages and calls to all friends and families.

Moving on from SMS to WhatsApp feature in order to receive & send messages, calls, videos, documents and Voice messages. This WhatApp feature is found on 9app Application. This App Messenger grants free chatting option to all users with anyone & everyone else who owns such an app and also provides excellent funny features while messaging.

This chat app makes you save your money while sending text messages installed on your phone. The impressive catching sight will impress all other users in texting to all friends and make them download the app, and once they have a look at the view of WhatsApp advantages, they all are sure to go for it.

Whatsapp is an incredible app all around the World, it also includes a feature of Status incurred which grants you access to upload photos and videos for 24-hours lifetime which is going to be visible to all other contacts.

Therefore, if any changes in the app will be noted down quickly. This is very well connected to Facebook, and it doesn’t seem to make any changes in the app further.

Another awesome thing, WhatsApp very well does the group messages. This App uses the Broadcast Message feature to bring all contacts under one list. It also has a New Group feature, which adds more of your contacts under a group message or to another chat app. Even though these are not the extraordinary features in this App, but, of course they are a little more rather than what you can get with just a text messaging feature on almost all the phones.

Related to the Price:

WhatsApp Messenger is a free app which can be downloaded from playstore for all Android Users. Now this App is totally free to all users.

Above all, WhatsApp Messenger is not at all different from other text messaging services which are available on all other smartphones. It has become one of the most popular instant messaging app, connecting more than a million people worldwide.


It’s a simple and light app that installs without any hassles on your Smartphone. WhatsApp has come up with a high privacy app, in which all the messages are encrypted end-to-end. This makes the app a more secured one.

Whatspp Messenger app works all on various models of Android smartphones such as Blackberry, Android, and Nokia Phones. This App contributes to all users with unlimited free texts with all your friends.

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