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9aps store is a mini-sized, free to download and easy to use app store which is a one-stop destination to download all types of apps, games, ringtones and more. From this world popular app store, the users can install any type of 9apps downloading or game which never contains any sort of malware, spyware or virus.

From this store, you can install millions of applications and web sources without any restriction on the size of the file you are downloading.

In this content, we will discuss and describe some of the best top rated Barbie games which you can download from here and enjoy the same without any restriction or limit.

● Barbie Best Job Ever-

It is one of the most popular Barbie game which is offered to the users free of cost. In the gameplay, all you have to do is just join Barbie in the kitchen to play the role of pastry chef and bake the most beautiful and delicious cake ever. In the game, you will find that the Barbie is always there to guide you on your way right from the beginning Baker to master pastry chef.

Take a look at the points mentioned below to understand the key features of this game app-

1- In the game, there are dozens of funny and delicious cake and cupcakes recipes.

2- There are many levels and careers to unlock and play the game regularly without any restriction or limit.

3- The players are even allowed to add available colorful frosting in order to decorate the cake or cupcakes with things like candy crystals, sugar diamonds and more.

● Dress up Game: Very runway-

It is a popular and very interesting Barbie dress up game the prayer is required to dress up the Barbie and transform her look completely to make her look stunning and gorgeous by using different and unique accessories, clothing and more. In the game, the player needs to showcase his fashion skills and be at the top to win awesome rewards and achievements based on the dressing style of the Barbies.

1- There are more than 80 brands available in the game where each brand is inspired by dress up item for girls.

2- The players can try out end number of outfits as there are unlimited outfit combinations offered.

3- One can even save any office favorite outfit by switching to the outfit save feature so he can share the same on social networking sites and get compliments from the people for the superb dressing skills and beautiful combinations.

So these all the Barbie games which you can download from 9apps free download mini sized app store. To get other Barbie games installed on your device, just click on the header or footer options and get the app store installed on your concerned android mobile phone directly through APK free of cost.

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