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DJ Songs Mixer, as the name suggests is a Mixer of various songs, featuring remixes of the songs. This app involves the party making app for late night party lovers. Mix up all your old songs to new songs and remix them. A very extreme process of DJ Mixer app is about playing songs and mixing the DJ songs to them. This DJ Mixer is one of the awesome mobile software for all adults and kids. DJ Songs Mixer app is a free app for all users. A very good mixture of songs with well organized party lovers. In DJ Songs Mixer, a user can mix all the songs from phone or tablet and remix it with the existing available songs.

This is a good mixer of songs app whereby one can enjoy the music whole night long. Hereby, this app can be used to mix the Arabic and English songs and play tracks on various parties including Christmas party too. With the existing of the saved play list songs can be very easily edited in this app. The MP3 music files saved in the device can be used and excellent features like extra drums, pad bass and perc can be applied to the songs as per our need and enjoy the best of it.

This app is very easily accessible to amateur of DJ lovers. This app is simple and easy enough to create the remix songs. The DJ Songs Mixer will be loved the most by all users with the wonderful making of the music through professionalism. This app also includes a few 3 most incredible features, such as: Fixing of the bugs and the stable improvement of the music, Various kinds of music samples, And last but not the least, many other improvements to meet up to the user’s needs. This DJ Songs Mixer is fully applicable in 9 Apps.


The DJ Songs Mixer comes with plenty of extreme features incurred in it. Just have a glance at the below mentioned features of this app:

Ø  A very good Equaliser System

Ø  Navigation Pane with a list of Songs

Ø  Various kinds of beats with lock and sync buttons in it

Ø  Music sent can be connected with the DJ Mixer

Ø  Extreme features of 2 DJ Scratching sounds are in this app

Ø  Vivid ranges of waveforms mixture is incurred in DJ Songs Mixer

Ø  Different kinds of sound effects can be applied to plenty of songs listed in the device


If you are interested in this app and want to enjoy the best remixes of the music, then just go to 9apps APK store and install it without any hassles as its extremely free of cost.

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