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The Face Editor is an amazing popular app which grants access to the user to do the changes in the portfolio and enables in creating various kinds of effects such as face swap, Switch, Morph etc. Through this app, lots of editing can be done, either by editing the photos to funny faces or any other faces. This Face Editor is very useful in Cutting or cropping any faces from the photo can be placed it any other photos too.  This free face Editor grants you the access in changing the faces in the photo to create various kinds of effects such as Face Swap, Switch, Morph and so on. A funny photo can be created through the human face, an animal face or anything over the living body and create numerous kinds of funniest photos like beard, hair, lips, spectacles etc., and forward it to many of friends. On using a Face Editor app, you can create various kinds of emotions whereby  makes your friends laugh and enjoy the best out of it. This Face Editor is a funny photo app with awesome photo effects.

In this app all users will fall in love with creating vivid kinds of faces and editing photos, as it is really easy and extremely fun loving app. Through this app one can turn a photo into a sketch or painting. So, how does this app work, firstly, select an effective background and click on it to have a view, After that upload your photo and create vivid funny images through it, thereby the chosen effect in instantly applied, and that’s it, a photo is has been created. This app also grants access in adding stickers and custom text, and, optionally, adjust an image as needed. After that saving an image to your Android device. Thus, later on share it on popular social networks such as Face book, Twitter, Whats App and so on. As per customer reviews, it’s one of the most superb funny good app. This Face Editor app is applicable is 9 Apps and is totally free of cost.


  • To do editing, you can capture pictures from Gallery and camera
  • Editing of the face parts can be done such as funny nose, eyes and many other things
  • Create more funny photos by adding hair and mustache
  • Rotate and measure the face parts.
  • Type the text with the font, color and place as titles.
  • Contrast, brightness and color corrections can be done through this app by editing
  • Edited photos can be sent, saved and shared. Also can be set as a wallpaper
  • Totally a perfect app to enjoy the best  of it


If you like this app and looking for a funny and awesome face editor application, then there’s nothing better than this one. Face Editor app 2017 is the perfect app to all Android users. Just install it from 9apps store without any hassles and enjoy the best of it.

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