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Hot Star TV Movies Live Score download install from 9apps

Hot Star TV includes all kinds of sports like cricket, football, badminton, hockey, Kabaddi etc. This Hotstar app is actually owned by Novi Digital Entertainment. Live scores and latest updates are provided by Hot star app. In Hot star latest TV serials, Movies and LIVE sports can be viewed on your Android device through Hot star. This app is totally free without any charges. Through this app one can get in touch with the latest news going on.

Hotstar is extremely available on 9Apps without any charge and totally free of cost. Hotstar In this app one can view all episodes of your TV serials from the most popular channels such as Star Plus, Life IK, Channel V, Asianet, Suvarna, Star Utsav, Star World and so on. Through Hot Star app, a user can avail all the benefits of watching all live channels from anywhere in the world. Hot Star is very easily accessible to all Android users to wherever they travel. This app fulfills all the needs of getting in touch with all the Live shows, Videos and so on.

Hot Star is the very hottest news app prescribed to all Android users without any hassles and can be easily installed without any registration fees and so on. Hot Star seems to be the hottest digital media app in the whole world today. This app was launched on 1st February. Undoubtedly, this app developers have made it sure that Hotstar works on more than 7,000 variations on any operating systems and also the screen sizes. The hotstar app which is launched is fully free o cost. This app also provides sports and entertainment. Finally, after the television shows and sports content, Hotstar is also prescribed to involve movies and news incurred in it.


Below assigned are the optimistic features of HoTSTAR, Just have a look at them and enjoy all its benefits to the great extent.

Ø  Any content on Hotstar can be shared with the friends on Facebook and Twitter

Ø  Movies can be viewed for free, that which are available for free

Ø  Many of the old shows such as Kichidi and Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai are incurred on Hoststar with all episodes.

Ø  Channels of TV shows are also present in Hoststar.

Ø  Videos can be added to our playlist and can be viewed later from Hotstar

Ø  Even offline many shows can be viewed on Hotstar once when downloaded


The Hotstar app achieves an average of TSV (Timer spent per viewer) of 24 minutes a day. As per Alexa, Among all other websites, Hotstar is ranking at the 123 rank in India. Therefore, if you like the App and are interested in installing on your Android mobile app, then go to 9apps store and install at the earliest possible.


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