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Hotstar is a very good Mobile TV app assigned to watch all Live Events, TV Shows, Cricket, movies and so on. It’s totally a good service provider of all on-going live telecast programs on TV. In other terms, this app includes lots of other things which can be watched at present. Hotstar is a very well designed app to all users. It runs very fairly on all Android SmartPhones. This app can be directly from downloaded 9apps and its extremely free of cost. This app has a greater and larger collections of all of the best videos. It’s an excellent App running very smoothly on all Mobile Applications and also all of the latest phones too.

Hotstar as per the various customer reviews is a extremely worthful app very useful all on mobiles. This app is launched by Star TV. A full coverage of all live cricket, TV Shows, Entertainment etc can be viewed to any extent on the mobiles.


Below are the main useful features, just have a look at them:

1] The user interface of the Hotstar App is quick and responsive. No greater devices of specifications required to play the videos.

2] This app is specially created for viewing all channels owned by Star India, which includes TV Shows, Comedies, Serials and so on, that are going on and the same can be viewed later on Hotstar. Utmost popular movies too are available in it.

3] All American and European media channels can also be accessed on this app. And this can be legally watched without any downloading required.

4] Playback Resume on various devices are also provided. And for that we need to get registered and sig in while watching them.

5] This app grants access on watching movies, TV shows and viewing live channels with greater definition.

Hotstar app APK download from 9apps store –

Lastly, as we come across the advancement of Hotstar app reviews, which can be viewed in both online & offline and helpful in many ways. Then, you will simply get this Hotstar on your Android Mobiles and on your PC too. If incase you are crazy on Indian Tv, then this is the best app at your fingertip and eill be of greater use and make you happier too. The Hotstar is totally free of cost without spending any money.

If you simply love this app and want to be a part of it without any delay. Then just a click on the header or footer options and download it from 9app directly.

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