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Lollipop Launcher Lollipop Launcher pro APK is quite a simple, powerful, fast and highly customization of home replacement app especially accessible on all Android devices. Not only that, this app will totally change the outlook of your android phone designing it with more attractiveness, beautiful and even more easier to use. This Launcher app enables the access of modifying your home screen wit one control of yours and can customize the icons of themes, layouts, animations and many more. Generally speaking, Lollipop Launcher iss very much stable and quick and it never involves certain kind of elements like Nova, Apex or Action Launcher. This Lollipop Launcher is quite a decent launcher. It consists of a huge number of elements everybody needed just like the Google Launcher. Above all, it is totally free of cost. As Lollipop Launcher very much depends on Google New Launcher plenty of greater thinkers have a vast thought of how this application functions. Furthermore, if you want to attain the access of this app on your Android device, then simply get into the app store of 9 Apps enthusiastically free of cost without paying a single penny, but before moving on with the downloading procedure, cast an instant glance on its unique attributes given below for further use.


  1. Customization of App Drawer: The app obtains the provision of hiding apps, vertical or horizontal scrolling, Custom effects and so on
  2. Infinite Scroll: Never move away from your favorite page
  3. Scroll able Lock: Generate multiple docks and scroll between them
  4. Gestures: Swipe up/down on desktop to launch apps quickly
  5. Powerful and Rapid: Plenty of other options and enhancements are opted in this app


Finally, before winding up if you are impressed with its extreme attributes mentioned above then grab the instant download by clicking on the APK file of 9Apps store without any worries and enjoy the best of the app to the full extent without any limits in it and also without paying any subscription fee.

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