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Share-IT is a free application which grants you access to share all your photos, videos, music and all accessible files without any data cables. Users can transfer any file from one mobile to another and also from mobile to computer and computer to mobiles without any hassles. This application is from Lenovo that allows the Users to access from Windows, Windows phone, Android and iOS devices with greater speed.  Hereby, Share-IT is the world’s best app which makes your work easier in transferring your files from one device to another, rather than any other prevailing apps. This app can be easily from downloaded 9apps.

Apart from transferring files, this app also consists of two extra special services and they are CONTROL and CLONEit. This app has a good ranking in the Industry. On comparing to Bluetooth and NFC, SHARE-IT offers greater speed, and is totally free, safe and secure. Before SHARE-IT application came into existence, the file transfer was being done either through Bluetooth or other USB devices. Whereby lost of problem seem to arise due to slow internet connections and so on. But now there’s no need to depend on Bluetooth and USB device to transfer the files or any other files or documents. This app is also given utmost access to plenty of Android Mobiles. Therefore, for Android Mobiles, the best app for File transfer is the SHARE-It App.


The most necessary features of SHARE-It to be noted down without any delay, so just have a look at the features prescribed below:

Ø  Quick transfer of any images, files or applications can be done with greater speed and greater size.

Ø  Share-It is much better than Bluetooth on all mobiles.

Ø  This app is a very popular one as present many users are using it

Ø  It’s very convenient and easy to use

Ø  The maximum distance between 2 devices when using Shareit is 50 metres away.

Ø  This app is simply the best safe and secure one to transfer all of your images, files and documents without any hassles.

Ø  This SHARE-It app is extremely used by plenty og users as its very beneficial to many users for many purposes.

SHARE-It Apps Download from 9apps APK

Last but not the least, after reviewing the features and coming under certain conclusion, it’s quite sure that all users will feel extremely worthy of using this app without thinking any further. And without any doubt, users will move forward on installing this app without any hesitation and gains extreme access of transferring all kinds of files, important documents and certain images and videos. So to download this app, go to 9app web and install it without any delay and use to the best of it.

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