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About the Subway Runner Plus .APK from 9Apps

Subway Surfer 2Subway Surfer is one of the most loved and popular online games till date. This game still has a huge fan following. This is the reason you can easily find new versions of Subway Surfer every now and then. Just like its earlier and most loved Subway Surfers versions, Subway Runner Plus gameplay mechanism is quite straightforward. You need to make use of your fingers to make your character jump, slide, roll, move to the left and right lane, run through gold coins to collect them, and gather 4 power-ups.

Features of the Subway Runner Plus .APK from 9Apps

  • You have to avoid getting caught by guard along with his dog and dash as fast as you can. Grinds trains along subway rail with your cool crew and get endless power to acquire super sneakers which will make your character jump higher, jetpack which will make you fly and collect gold coins above the train, coin magnet which will help you in attracting all coins towards you, and 2xmultiplier which will multiply or simply double your original coins collection amount.
  • In this 9Apps gaming application try to collect as many coins as you can. The coins in the game help you buy Hoverboard or skateboards to ride in style with much higher chance of survival, you can buy mystery box which reveals various gifts and surprises, Mega Headstart which will help you to go farther in the game at the beginning of the game and acquire more scores, and Score Booster which adds +5 to your multiplier.
  • Enjoy HD graphics, animations, awesome background music, and subway themed city locations.

Quickly download this never-ending running adventure from 9Apps store and focus all your energy on dodging the obstacles in your way.

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