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Sweep clean app download install from 9apps :

Sweep clean is a multi purpose Android app which is trusted by millions of people as it enables the users to easily and instantly boost up the speed of the device and performs many other functions including free Battery Saver, junk file cleaner, Cache Cleaner, speed booster and much more. This amazing app is available free of cost and can be downloaded from 9app Store which has a vast collection of apps in almost every category. This amazing app performs several functions but it still comes in a very tiny size of just 3 MB which only takes up get installed in your device and consumes very little space of your memory so the users who has less storage in their device can also download it with great ease.

Take a look on the points which are mentioned below in order to understand the main features or highlights of sweep clean app-

1- This app smartly scans irrelevant junk files and cache files in your device and by detecting the same and deleting the junk files, maintain perfect accuracy to make space for other things including images, videos, apps etc.

2- It also boost up the memory of your device so it can last for a longer period of time. In addition to this, it also stop unused background services which unnecessarily consumes memory space of your device.

3- It extends the battery life upto 50 percent by boosting up your phone with the widget on the home screen.

4- By analysing the apps running in your device, this app smartly recognise and close unnecessary apps running in the background in order to save the battery.

5- It also cools down the CPU by monitoring the temperature of your device and analysing all the apps that cause over heating. The users can close such apps and cool down the phone in just few seconds in a single click.

6- The boost and clean effect of this app makes the phone more durable and Powerful keep your device completely safe and secure.

Sweep clean app APK download from 9apps –

If you are genuinely looking for such an app and like its features then switch to it now by clicking on the header or footer options and download 9apps directly through APK to make your phone completely safe and secure and enjoy the experience of long lasting battery which can even lasts for several hours.
So what are you waiting for? Just grab this opportunity and download this amazing app now..

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