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UC News is one of the most stupendous android apps offered absolutely free of cost in the 9Apps store so that the smartphone users can stay connected with all the news, entertainment, cricket, jobs, videos etc in their preferred category.

UCnews With the help of this app, it becomes much easier and convenient for the users to stay in trend right from breaking news, to entertainment to sports, jobs and everyday interests, when it happens in the world. In addition, by downloading this news app the users can stay in trend and informed always to be in the know about popular culture.


  • The users can get news in their preferred category as per their interest through this news app as there a different categories of news sections and subsections available in this app.
  • One can also create a news feed as per his or her interest and also see the topics and hashtags etc that are trending now.
  • The users are also allowed to watch fun videos that are going viral to stay in trends and keep entertained in order to avoid your boredom with a great mix of viral videos online.
  • By downloading this app, the users can also keep track of their favorite cricket games, follow your favorite players and get upcoming match schedules to watch the same as per your choice.
  • The registered users can also discover the latest and hottest job openings easily and instantly on the go and also follow the latest industry news as per their choice and interest.

So, there is no need to wait if you really like this app and its features and wants to install it in your device then just tap on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from 9app download through APK…

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