Video Projector Prank app APK download for Android

Video Projector Prank app download from 9apps

It is an awesome and very interesting prank app whereby you can make fun of your friends and family members and hence can be used this app in the manner of entertainment and fun inorder to watch HD and high quality projected videos on the phone on applying the options of projector and effects on it. Around 88,730,000+ users every week have been downloading the latest version of Video Projector Prank from 9 Apps and enjoying the extreme benefits incurred on it. It is one of the best app to fool your friends. This app is very easily applicable on all Android devices. And to get it downloaded on your Android device you need to switch on to 9 Apps and have the installation instantly without any delay. Video Projector Prank is very worthful and can actual act exactly like a real projector.  And thus, you can get the access of using this app like a media player and try controlling the video and displaying all the prank videos like a projector and have lots of fun and enjoyment with the friends and other special events too.

This true Video Projector Prank application grants you access to project photographs and videos on any surface. Kindly note hereby, that this app is specially assigned to have fun and it is considered to be as the Prank app. The main concept of this app is to give an impression of simulation to prove the content is being really projected just as it takes place in the actual projector. This app grants complete access of clicking the photographs or video with the help of both front and back cameras and creates an impression on making everyone gain attention to watch the picture or video captured. This app projects exactly like a 3 Dimensional Hologram. Hence, you can play prank with friends and others with this app and surprise them with it. This app is easily accessible to on 9 Apps and can be installed immediately without any hassles.


Below assigned are the Unique features of Video Projector Prank, have a look at them

  1. A Prank Video to memorize all your lovely moments with your friends, family and colleagues
  2. Animation of HD with the quality graphics and themes are incurred in this app
  3. Very much user friendly and very easy to use.
  4. Simple and understanding layouts incurred in them
  5. Control of your video and movie too is very well accessed in this app

Video Projector Prank app APK download for Android

This Video Projector app is a fun and entertaining app and very well can be incurred on all Android devices. So, to get the access of this app on your device, simply click on 9app and get the installation done instantly without any delay as it is extremely free of cost.

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