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VIRTUAL DJ 9APPSVirtual DJ very well known as VDJ obtains a massive range of audio and video mixing software and is quite easy to use. This app grants the acquisition of some songs which can be played through the optimization of equalizer support for greater use. These kind of musical packages software very well runs on PC or Mac allowing computer DJs to mix music to videos even with or without an external controller. Overall, DJs can obtain the access of controlling the software with a MIDI controller or even acquire the utilization of traditional DJ hardware like CDJs and DJ mixer with vinyl emulation software and CDs. Overall, this Virtual DJ assists up to 99 decks like 4-deck and 6-deck skins. This app also offers video mixing and scratching in it. Above all, Virtual DJ grants two simultaneous ways for DJs to broadcast their mix sets to the internet. Virtual DJ obtains the access of adding playlist from SD card and it also permits you to play music to become a professional DJ. Therefore, to attain the access of this app and obtain the easiest method installation then instantly switch on to the app store of 9 Apps which grants complete access of downloading free of cost. But before that, let us cast an eye on the below prescribed features for further usage.


  1. Through the equalizer option you can balance the best of music mixture through its advanced quality.
  2. Virtual DJ also allows your to do the changes in Tempo, pitch, BPM
  3. You can even create, open and edit a playlist
  4. Scratching sounds of two DJs are also opted in this app
  5. Exploration of the waveform of each mixture is been fully optimized in this Virtual DJ app
  6. The User Interface is quite simple and easy to use
  7. Virtual DJ is fully accessible for all mobile devices and tablets too


Therefore, if you want to be a part of this Virtual DJ app then check on the website of 9apps store and grab the instant download by clicking on the download link of APK file without any issues absolutely free of cost.

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