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360 launcher is a launcher app. It changes the Android feel for the better, whatever version of Android you are using would become better with this launcher. It is because Android is open source that it allows launchers which is an excellent way to personalize your phone user experience, and that is what makes your android phone stand out from the rest of the phones. The launcher even changes your icons and the background of the icons. So, it makes your phone entirely new. Getting a new launcher for your phone when you have had the phone for one year or two years means you are giving a new lease of life to your phone.


360 launcher can clean the virus, and enhance performance. At the same time, it saves the battery. It changes the themes, style of the phone, wallpapers, and transition effects. The effects are already there on your phone, but the phone setting is done on default. So, it helps you use your phone better. The download speed of your websites would become faster.

Customizable phone

There is a reason why Android is so popular, and the reason is that Android is customizable. This launcher is fast, it is safe and has a special safeguard written to make the launcher fight virus, and this launcher is considered very efficient. It is a free of cost launcher. When you come to themes, there is as many as you can imagine. It could be nature photography or artificial intelligence; you have got it all. All information is on your fingertips. Whether you are reading news, or you want to see the weather in London, you have it with just a swipe of a finger.

Finding new apps

Your launcher has another purpose. It makes for help that you need when you are looking for a new app. You could be looking for an app to pass the time, or you could want an app to suggest dining options for you, and you would find all with this launcher. That is not all, the launcher understands, and the technology works in a way that it follows your favorites. If you like a particular variety of videos and music, it could sort out similar sounding music, and similarly voted videos for you, and your phone now is more customized. But, that is just ancillary tasks that this launcher is providing. The primary function of this launcher is to make your phone work better and run faster. This would come to your aid if your phone is now old, and gets hung up a lot. Getting 360 launcher would mean your phone gets faster and this launcher is ad-free. Not a lot of launchers can promise that.

There is a 360 launcher for all phone sizes, and all Android devices. This is not just antivirus, but also something which boosts your phone.

Overall, the rating of the app is 4.5  


  • In this app, you will find thousands of free mobile themes which you can apply in your device to make it more stylish and customized.
  • From a variety of wallpapers and amazing transition effects, the users can update different salts of HD wallpaper in different categories like beauty, pet, landscape and many other different types of wallpapers along with so many effects of animation.
  • In this amazing app, the users are also provided with an option to information that you want searching it in the search bar as fast as they can and get to know about news, weather, traffic and everything in just a single swipe.
  • One can also discover the best apps, videos and meet the nearby friends easily and instantly on the go directly into this app.

So, what are you waiting for? If you really like this app and wants to avail its seamless features and functions then, first of all, you are required to get it installed in your device and to do so, you have to click on the header or footer options and then get it installed from 9apps download through APK for free.

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