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You must be looking for a good phone antivirus which other people have used and found useful. Your friends must be recommending you to get an antivirus as phones with antivirus last longer.

You can download an antivirus just as quickly as you get another app. An antivirus such as the 360 security app would do a lot of things.  You will never miss a message or phone call again. You save battery, and your phone is secure. 360 security app safeguards you from malware messages.

Malware usually comes with careless downloads. This antivirus would make sure there are no further careless downloads.

There are innumerable things which you can do with this app called 360 security. It is the best antivirus in the market for phones. It works like a computer malware protecting application.

360 Security also comes with a phone cooler. Phone cooler shuts down heated apps. Heated apps ruin the phone.

Let us look at a detailed list of things this 360 security antivirus can do :

1) Wrong passwords

Someone who tries and opens your phone apps with wrong passwords would now get caught as a snooper. The snooper gets caught when you give the antivirus permission for the camera to start at the snooping time, and take a picture of the snooper.

2) Battery Charge

Each antivirus and malware software takes a lot into its own hands, and therefore, the battery would drain off quicker. But, this software tells you about which apps have heated up and are heating up more.  When someone checks their phone for heated apps they are likely to find more than 50 such apps which are eating the battery.

You will find other battery heating habits such as the screen brightness too high, and apps which are taking a lot of space. 360 security would balance all that for a longer lasting battery. The app changes and stops autorotation which is also battery eating. It works well for both new and old phones.

3) Locking private apps

Even if it is just our parents or our friends, but if we do not wish for our Whatsapp messages to be read then secure those private applications with a fingertip password, and remember that password so that when you are on the phone, you can unlock everything. Locking apps make your phone and those locked apps very safe and secure.

4) Infected apps

When you check your phone, you will find at least 1 infected file so you can remove that file.

5) Download time

The download time is just a few seconds, and then the antivirus starts suggesting you changes that you should make to your phone. The sooner the application loads shows the condition of your phone. A phone with a lot of virus means the download would be a longer duration task.

Assigned below are the optimistic features of 360 Security Apps, just have a glance at them

  1.  Cleanses the Unwanted Files from the device: Clears up all history files to improve personal security
  2. Good Memory Booster: Just with a single tap, the device gets cleaned and boosted up and enables more space in RAM.
  3. Brilliantly Saves Battery: The power of your device gets saved very nicely by knowing when to trigger to 360 security’s clean feature.
  4. Anti-Theft: A perfect  suitable app which incurs with erase, locate, alarm and lock can protect your device from being lost and also protects your personal data.
  5. Secures Privacy: This app has the greater access of protecting the privacy incurred in your device such as SMS, photo, albums and many other private important documents from moving into wrong hands.
  6. All time protection: This app guarantees with all time protection incurred in it by scanning the apps and local APK files.


Hence, moving forward, 360 Security grants complete protection and cleanses up the technology and prevents your device from all junk files with the easiest method of scanning. Assuring to be the safest app by 200 million users worldwide, all mobile devices should have some good security protected app, then why not install on your device and PC 360 security app for further safety. So to get the installation done on your Android device just switch on to 9apps  APK and get the installation done quickly without any worries, as it exclusively free of cost.

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