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3D Mushroom Live Wallpaper download from 9apps:-

What makes an Android phone different from any other phone is the fact that it is customizable. There are a lot of personalization apps available on the Play Store. You can try personalization that makes your phone look rich, and make you look richer. Fine quality apps would help you achieve the perfect look for your phone, and one category of apps in the Play Store are wallpapers, and themes. 3D mushroom live app is one such wallpaper app.  Features of 3D Mushroom Live Wallpaper :

  1. It makes your phone come alive

If you keep looking for wallpapers for your phone, and you want 3D wallpapers then mushroom wallpaper apps is for you. Your phone screen could come alive, and now your home screen would never be dull again. It is much good stuff waiting for you. One such app is the 3D live mushroom wallpaper app.

3D Mushroom Live Wallpaper

  1. The sunset scene

The background is a scene of a sunset, and the wallpaper is lovely with mushroom flowers and is very colorful. The whole thing looks very 3D. Some butterflies come and sit on the mushroom flowers in the green forest, and girls would particularly like this app. Plus, three other themes come with the wallpaper. There are overall four themes. With this app, you are getting fashionable and stylish wallpapers for yourself. The image is going to become close to your heart; it is a cool app which gives you access to so many wallpapers. The wallpapers come with sounds like ruffling of leaves or crashing of waves and even a bike zooming past. So, this is not just wallpaper and is a whole visual and audio experience making you customize your phone.

  1.  Faster and Free of Virus Download

Your phone gets a new look, the app has faster download, it is virus free download, and with no ads in the download, it is one of the phone screen apps that make your phone look very pretty. The app promises 360-degree autorotation which is a screen control method that can rotate the screen in any direction without the need for you to adjust your vision as per the screen. The wallpaper also turns with just a tap of a button; the image is HD, the wallpaper is pretty, so no phone lags, overall the phone becomes smoother than if you were using any other wallpaper. Not just that, the lightness means that the phone battery does not keep conking off. The auto, and touch functions can also be disabled.

  1. Compatibility

This wallpaper is compatible with all the Android devices and has been tried and tested on all Android devices. The rating of this wallpaper is 4.4. The content rating is such that people from all age groups can try it.

Key Features:

  • This app is very well optimized with 360 degrees Autorotation in it
  • The 3D wallpaper app begins to rotate on just a single touch on it
  • This app is very well optimized with beautiful HD image in it
  • Above all, 3D Mushroom Wallpaper app is of very lightweight and can be easily applied on your device without any issues.
  • This app is also optimized for smoother movements to utilize the wallpaper for your device
  • It consumes very lowest power without any worries
  • All the speed can be adjusted from the settings of the app
  • The touchable function on this app can be easily enabled and disabled as and when required
  • The feature if enabling and disabling of the Auto-rotation has also opted for this app


Lastly, if you want to enhance the beauty of your phone screen , then capture the instant download of this app by switching on to the app store of 9apps directly without any issues by clicking on the download link and enjoy the best of this app to the full extent without paying a single penny and also without any limitations in it.

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