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3D racing games: Enjoy the thrill of playing these games

3d racing games

3D racing games are the most addictive of all Android games. Built so that the gamer gets to have another and a wider perspective, it comes to you with a lot of superb graphics, buttons, sound FX, problems and obstacles that need to be sorted out immediately and speed because the game must be over in a fixed time period.

Apart from the thrills these games give you, are there any other benefits? Yes, say regular gamers. They are stress reduction, enhanced coordination, concentration, memory, apart from decision-making skills, processing of information, and strategy and problem-solving skills.

On the 9Apps store, you can find a huge collection of the best and fastest 3D racing games. By choosing among these games, gamers can experience a wonderful time and can learn new ways of driving in small spaces.

Features of 3D racing games:

Crazy Racing Car 3D

Fast and thrilling: These games are fast-paced and extremely thrilling with several players playing in racing mode, simulating an actual race and  trying to win a race and become the king of street racing.

Graphics and sound effects: With 3D graphics accompanying the real sound effects, gamers can control the game with either first-person or third-person perspectives.

Game updates: As the game progresses, gamers can drive become the king of street racing. They can also update the game by collecting as many coins as possible on the way.

Racing tracks: There are several racing tracks and supercars available which are upgradable.

Racing game mode: In this mode, there will be a variety of cars and locations to choose from using controls similar to simulators.

Bus Racing 3D – Hill Station Bus Simulator 2019

This game has been downloaded by more than 30,000 users. Today, it is considered the best among bus driving simulator games. Here, you race against auto cars on the road in a coach bus simulator in a bid to reach the terminal before any other. However, you need to pick up passengers safely. If the bus is damaged, you fail.


Driving simulation: While playing the game, you can feel the thrill of being on a mountain road.

Racing experience: You can enjoy the best racing experience.

Learn the art of navigation: This game teaches you how to be in control of the speed, competition, etc and your environment. What to do to race on hill tracks, or climb hills, etc, are all part of the fun of this game.

Environment settings: These settings are absolutely brilliant and you feel you’re in these parts in real time. It has superb hill station environment, coupled by 3D graphics, and very realistic.

You can also play this game offline.

Jet boat racing 3D: water surfer driving game

Use your driving skills to race ahead on the wonderful jet boat. This game can be played in two modes—day and night, as you try to circumvent all obstacles. Never touch the heart sound effects before you inspect that. As you win goals and collect coins for them, you can use the coins to buy new jet features.

Your goal: To be a good hydroplane boat rider with a 3D driving simulator.


3D game: You can play this game in 3D.  

Life-like graphics: Stunning and Realistic Graphics

Boat upgrades: The range of boat upgrades is huge. This helps improve your stability while of the boat when on water and raises its speed.

Different game modes: You can take part in tournaments and contests by moving the hydroplane boat in the direction you want it to go, or just enjoy the free ride.

Boat controls: These are absolutely realistic, so keep your balance or your boat will turn turtle.   

Now, some highlights of these racing game-

  1. Realistic graphics, physics and sound effects are offered in the app so the registered users can experience the real time car racing.
  2. There are plenty of supercars and racing tracks available which you will be able to upgrade after a particular time.
  3. The players are required to tilt phone to control moto direction and tap on the screen to accelerate.
  4. In this endless racing game mode, you will find different locations and cars to choose from along with simulator-like controls.

So, what are you waiting for? if you like racing games then it can be your most favorite one but before that you need to install it in your concerned device and to do so, you are required to tap on the header or footer options and get it installed directly from download 9Apps through APK now full version..

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