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9Apps provided insights with respect to the downloading habits of Indians through facts and figures in 2015 with 9apps download 2015. According to the source of 9Apps report, applications like WhatsApp 9apps, Instagram, UC Browser 9apps, and Facebook 9apps were the most downloaded apps by the Android mobile users in the year 2015. Among the e-commerce portals or online retail marketers Snapdeal 9apps, Amazon 9apps, Paytm, and Flipkart 9apps apps were the quite popular choice by the online buyers. 

9apps store download for free

9apps store download for free

According to 9apps download 2015 report, an average Indian smartphone user downloads and install up to 30-35 apps from 9Apps store and approx.… 24-27% of these apps are Hindi language apps. Around 16-18% of all the apps downloaded by the Indians comprise of acting and racing games and many corporates are targeting Asia fastest growing mobile gaming sector since that is expected to generate revenue around 1 billion by the year 2018.

UC Browser to help apps developers and market distributors have launched 9Apps Trends, an app market monitoring service for analysis and gathering information on app trends. 9Apps Trends shows some very crucial data like Top Installed, Top searched etc.to all its users and it’s free to download. 

The Country Manager of 9Apps, Ebrahim Popat, mentioned in an interview that they want to create a stage or a platform where Indian mobile apps developers can understand and catch up with the latest trends in the app world. He continued saying that their insights on local app trends and users behaviors will assist the Indian developers to understand what attracts consumers more and developers will able to make a well-informed decision while creating another hit application.

The 9Apps people believe in sharing the huge amount of data and relevant information on the mobile user’s behaviors and trends to the worldwide mobile industry and this step can help 9app distributors to have a better understanding about rapidly growing Indian mobile app market. 

9Apps Trends brings out the detail and complete report on the app habits of the Indians and according to a data provided by IAMAI, India has reached approx.…270-300 million world wide web users in the year 2015 which mean that the market for mobile applications is only going to expand in near future and consumers will always be in the search for fast, speedy, and easy to install applications9Apps support around 18 million downloads per day and this number will increase in the upcoming years.

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