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9 Apps brings you apps where download of files takes place faster, 9 apps give you super quick browsing, these apps are absolutely free, it is a very popular portal with 1000s of apps, and one of this category of apps is the browsers, 9 apps let you go for ad blocking and data saving, the app which you would be getting to know about today is the UC browser.

The navigation is smooth; there is an advert locking system where all the ads get automatically blocked, specific tools are included because of which the app does not occupy a lot of storage space. This is the speed mode of the browser.

You get to watch videos, listen to music and read news on the UC browser. Not just that, UC browser means that the story that you are getting is verified, genuine and trustworthy. Your music is latest chart toppers, or even old school depending upon your preference and your videos are good quality. UC browser brings you unlimited data and media on your single click.

Slow Internet Browsing

You also get a tech boost which makes for surfing net faster. The UC browser works well with MS Word and PDF. It works quickly on slow internet too. That is what the browser is meant for, faster browsing on a slow internet connection just like the lite version of apps. You save space up to 60%.

You can also browse websites such as Facebook on this browser, there are active downloads, and you would find movies, songs, and videos of all tastes, you get to check the volume, brightness and all functions of the content that you are watching and during the night, you get to read quickly because of night mode.

Just like a slow internet connection, this UC browser also works on low powered desktops, so this is for all the masses that make do with the low quality set up such as slow net and PCs. It is not only for laptops which are high tech but also for age-old desktops. But, overall the Chinese app makers made the app for mobiles. It has a download manager to enable you to see how much of the download of a particular file has taken place.

Google Chrome and Internet Explorer Vs. UC Browser

It is a browser where browsing is similar to Google Chrome. The app is Chinese, but the language of the browser is English. The difference between Internet Explorer and UC Browser is that when you open many tabs and many websites together on Explorer, then all files load all at once and the browser crashes, but such a phenomenon is not observed with UC browser. The browser is most famous among Android users. On Android, 500 million users use this browser.

The app rating is 4.4. The app is just great and very user-friendly. But, you should be an adult to use this app as it has a lot of tobacco and alcohol-related content.


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