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If you are looking for a reliable and secure application market 9 Apps is a substitute to the Google Play Store. Millions of people use this app, and it is the most downloaded app store on the internet so far.

There are a lot of games and other apps available free of cost. These are all Android apps. Nine apps is a grand Play Store junction where you can download apps of your choice. This one particular app is used to download all other apps on your Android machine, your tablet, or your phone and these download apps can be games, your wallpapers, the ringtones you want, and much more. The apps are download in a brief time, and the games which are being downloaded could be of any size or format. When you download from 9 Apps, then the chances are that your PC or machine would not be slowed down, and apps would be downloaded without any lag or error.

Features :

Categories and Subcategories

When you download this app, it gives you the smooth running of the app; you will find classes and subcategories of apps from which you can download the app of choice. Some of the apps that a person can download are from the sports category, there is an audio app, and then there are dating apps. The features of 9 apps are on fire, and few know that the company which has produced nine apps is the Alibaba group. Every time someone wants or even thinks of a new app what happens is that nine app conceives the app and makes it available, and the adrenaline factor of the user is palpable as the maker of the app says when he has found gold in the worth of apps.

UI of the 9 Apps

The nine apps widgets are carefully organized so that you do not have to take a lot of time just downloading the app. The UI of this play store is such that one can easily find an application using this browsing menu, and the apps are not left scattered and are bifurcated in categories, and sub-categories such that the user can easily find the app of his or her own choice. Nine apps have always tried their best to be a safe and secure play store. The app store is completely free of the virus.

Presence in India and Indonesia

There are many games, entertainment apps, and more on this app store where you can download free apps. Android devices accept all these apps. This nine app play store is thus far only available in India and Indonesia. Many applications which are paid on the Google Play Store would be available for free on 9 Apps.

The app gives you superb internet connectivity and makes for very quick browsing.  

Below given are the super most authentic features of 9 Apps APK.

  1. This app is presently accessible only for India and Indonesia
  2. A huge range of apps and games are found in the third party app store
  3. This app is one of the most silent app store for Android devices
  4. Most attractive wallpapers and ringtones are incurred in this app
  5. An extremely free app which can be attained from the file of APK


Above all, this app can be very well downloaded from the official websites without any limits as it is totally free of cost without incurring a single penny. The 9apps for android is quite easy to be downloaded, therefore, you can attain the direct access of downloading from the website of 9 Apps without any worries and attain all the extreme benefits incurred on them.

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