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Numerous people use Whatsapp. The number is in millions. You can download Whatsapp here on 9 Apps faster than in any other app store.

The most used app anywhere is Whatsapp, and you can draw a lot out of this App when using it on your mobile phone or Laptop. It is instant messaging, and you need to add the contact and start chatting with your new acquaintance. Whatsapp allows you to send audio, video and text messages.

Using 9 apps, one can download the Whatsapp application for PCs. The installation process is steady and safe. It is free. It is a free Android app.

The app works in the same fashion for both computers-laptops and phones.

How to download?

The technology is called Bluestacks; when you are downloading from 9 Apps, you would have never downloaded the file in such a comfortable, convenient manner.  

If you want to download Whatsapp free on Android, then the mechanical method is that you open www.whatsapp.com on your PC, and then a QR code will show up on your mobile. Scan the QR on your phone. After scanning, you have to go about accessing chat screens on PC and then going to the menu and finally, going to Whatsapp Web.  Both mobile and PC devices need to be connected for this to work.

Features of  Whatsapp on PC and Tablet

Themes and Wallpapers

The app is not only to be downloaded for free, but you also get free wallpapers, and ideas.

Group of people

A total of 30 people can chat together using this app. When you are using Group Chat, you should be able to talk with about 250 people at the same time. You can mute someone who is sending a lot of additional texts.

Reviews from Customers

You need to check out for the reviews from people that have downloaded the app. The customers have been found happy with video calls on Whatsapp where there was no functionality of right video calls earlier. Rest of the functions are also perfect.

Dealer’s Rating

The app works even on a slow connection. This is ensured, and that is why the dealers are giving the app some good ratings.

Safety and encryption

The app is safe, and no one can read your messages, or track your Whatsapp calls unless the person is the one to whom you have sent the message. Whatsapp itself cannot scan and view data which is a big step in the direction of maintaining your privacy and secrecy.

Syncing of Data

When you download the Whatsapp PC application, then the data gets synced between PC and

mobile. But, when you use the mobile, and computer both together is the only time PC Whatsapp works.

Faster chatting

The chatting is much quicker because you are typing on the keyboard.

Below prescribed are some of the most genetic features of this application, have a look at them

  1. Through the installation of this app on your PC, you can exclusively chat for free
  2. You can also very well send audio, video and voice messages through this app
  3. A group of about 30 users can be created through this app
  4. WhatsApp can be fully used on any kind of device without any issues.


Finally, to get the installation of WhatsApp on your PC, laptop, then simply get the first installation done of Bluestacks and later on very easily you can fully download this app from the app store of 9apps through the website of .APK file and enjoy all its extreme benefits without any issues to the fullest and without even incurring a single penny on it.

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