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Why you should download games from 9 apps is because it is an accessible platform. 9apps always remains on your phone, and you take your phone everywhere which means you can at any time download the games of your choice from 9 apps. There are 1000s of games on the platform, and if you are in the train and you are getting bored, all you need is internet connection, and you need to download 9 apps on the phone and just search for a new game with a click and there you go playing your game on the train rather than fidgeting and losing your patience and calm. 

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Rating of 9 apps and their games 

Like we said if it’s a single game that you have been playing for weeks or months and you are bored of it then choose another sport which would entertain you for coming weeks, months and maybe years. It is straightforward to download games from 9 apps, and it takes a few seconds of download, and you are good to go. 9 apps itself has been rated 4.5 on  5. Plus, all the games on the portal are also well rated. 

Accessibility law 

The  9 apps platform is not just for usual users, but also for the blind; This can be done with the gesture technology, vibration technique, and voice commands, this is in line with the fact that government has come up with provisions which ask the app providers to make apps in such a way that blind can also play games on the phone. This law is being called the accessibility act. 


The second aspect which makes 9 apps very appealing is the fact that 9 apps are very affordable. All 9 apps games are free of cost, though you might have to struggle with ads, and ad blockers cost money, but if you do not mind the ads and do not mind navigating alongside ads, then you are looking at the right app store. But, if you have money to spare and want exclusive games which only paid users can play, then there is something for you as well. Smartphones are an ideal platform for playing these games. But, there are supercomputer games for PCs here too. 

Advanced games 

The games are highly advanced which means games are made for sophisticated phones and consoles. But, if you are one of the many who has an average priced phone then too you would find many a game in your range. The phone game would not get stuck or show any lag no matter which phone it is. 

Immersive experience 

The games on 9 apps are most known for their graphics, and perfect background score or music. The gaming experience you get here on 9 apps is immersive. The quality is right even when you have a tiny screen. The downloads genuinely take only seconds. You need to pick the option ‘ turn on unknown resources.’ 

Age bracket

There is no age group of people who cannot play these games, and these games are for everyone. 

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