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Most of you Android users have used Google Play store in order to download apps and games on your smart-phones. Did you know that there is an alternative to Playstore that allows you to download and install apps without logging in?

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Well, that’s what 9apps store is about. A mobile app distribution platform of the Alibaba mobile business group, 9apps brings to you a wide array of apps and an exciting bouquet of download and usage features.
Since 2013, 9apps has helped Android users download apps as a viable alternative. The store covers users from more than 100 emerging countries and gives them a more than a good platform to install and enjoy numerous apps on their smart-phones.


  1. The ability to download install 9apps without logging in is a feature unique to this app and makes it the store of choice for millions of users across the globe. The daily app downloads, as well as the monthly set of the store users, run into several million and that says the story of the stupendous growth of 9app.
  2. Today, this app stands as an international third party APK Android applications and game shop preferred by users worldwide. The set of apps that 9apps covers is simply beyond imagination, ranging from HD camera, 2D and 3D games, books, thesaurus, Android tools, shopping apps, movies, TV, videos, music, weather, sports, news and much more.
  3. The access to all of these apps is easy and convenient on 9app owing to its login free download feature. 9apps also has a PC version and is present on the web in more than 7 languages. The store shares localized and personalized app recommendations with users in order to facilitate their APK app search and downloads.
  4. Fast downloading feature coupled with support pause and auto-resume downloading make 9apps the preferred Android store for millions. The platform offers its users sticker, music and various exclusive benefits beyond imagination. The store also has data compression feature to help save on browsing and downloading mobile data cost.
  5. Its user interface (UI) is designed for the young users of the millennial generation. Routine creative promotional activities are available in the store in order to engage users and facilitate their app search. Users can also launch their new apps through this app and use the creative promotional features of the store to drive user engagement and download.
  6. Finally, 9apps install has a large number of high-quality, exclusive and latest apps that are updated multiple times every single day. Even the technical support services of this are ever-ready to serve its users launch their apps and localize the same. The store is well-matched with Google Play in terms of app distribution and more cost-effective as compared to other stores. Brand Alibaba gives the users a sense of assurance in terms of the quality and reliability of 9apps as a store for its loyal users.

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