9apps vs Playstore

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Be it is an Android version by default it has the Google Play store. You will choose this platform to download as well as updating the apps in your mobile device. On the other hand, 9Apps is the best app store that will help you to easily download all the application you need for free. Are you getting bemused to choose the right app store between 9Apps and Play store? For you peeps alone we have provided the detailed differences between both these app stores. Take a look at the below-given points to know about it outright.

What are the differences between 9Apps and Google play store?

Of course, both the app stores are great and have so many numbers of apps. However, 9Apps is the store where you will obtain apps in a cost-free manner. It helps the users to copy apps and use in a hurdle free manner. Now get into the differences,

  1. Apps availability:

Of course, both 9Apps and Google Play store is designed in order to offer apps. But 9Apps is doing well than Play store why means there are plenty of apps available. From the wide range of applications, you can pick anything on your choice. Alternatively usual play store offers only some numbers of apps and specifically for the third-party apps Play store is against. But in the 9apps you can grab any of the content you want easily no matter about the type of content it will offer in the free of cost.

  1. Size:

When comes to size the 9apps store is first. Since even the app store is small in size and the apps here are available in the apk file design. Undoubtedly it’s all small in size and you can easily download on your device. Otherwise, the play store is totally contrasted why because it will wipe off crucial memory space from your device. The apps in the play store are MB space memory whereas 9Apps is of KB so the users who have low-end smartphones can also make use of the 9Apps store.

  1. Unmatchable download manager:

Have you got any app on your device that is large in size instantly? That miraculous download is possible only in the 9Apps. It offers a faster and seamless downloading process. Regardless of the type of app you can easily able to get on your device. At the same time, you can pause, play features and it will auto-resume as well. But you can’t even imagine these aspects in the Google play store why means it will download background and you will be notified with the download percentage.

  1. User-friendly app store:

When you make use of the 9Apps then you will do downloading all sorts of apps in an ultimate way. More or less with the Google play store, the way you reach the app is amazing. Just after entering the searching keyword you will be taken to a certain app. There is no time delay or time consumption and it will make the process easier.