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If you are wondering which movie to watch and if there is a right way to download Bollywood movies and such that you do not need to always rely on pirated movies and videos, therefore, the next app that is being talked about here is the 9x movies. 

Hindi – The language of the app 

The best part of this app is that it is available in two languages  – Hindi and English. This is for Hindi movie lovers who do not find many apps which can be operated and downloaded in the Hindi language. 


Millions of movies to choose from 

You get unlimited movies at your disposal here such as movies which came out ten years ago to film that released yesterday. The reason why the movies are so abundant in number is that Vidmate searches video hosting websites for as many movies as it can arrange in its collection, and it also searches Facebook, Instagram for all movies. 

If any movie hosting website has such a film, then that movie can also be found on Vidmate. Such a promise from a web hosting site is lofty ideals and claims and which is what makes vid mate 9 x the best-rated app on the internet for downloading Bollywood movies. 

Millions of songs to choose from 

You get high-quality songs download. The approximate number of songs there are is around 5 lakh songs. If there is a language in which movies are being made, then you would find videos in that language here on Vidmate. 

Live TV 

You also get live TV here. Over 200 channels are available from fashion to sports and entertainment. If you do not have a preferred movie player, then you should go for Vidmate. There has never been such a great experience of watching TV on mobile. 


It is a secure link which means you do not need to care about virus coming into the system. 

Quality of videos 

Something which is rare, you also get Blu-Ray quality videos. But, you can also search for low-quality videos. This is applicable for times when sometime or the other, you do not have a fast enough internet connection. You might have a high speed of internet and think that you can try for Blu-Ray quality but the trouble is the consistency of this speed, and that is what you have to look at when you are downloading the files. 


There is no need to make an online account when you start downloading movies. 


Free of cost service available on this app. 

Format of video 

For some reason, if the movie that you have downloaded is in some other form and not in the way how someone needs it, then you can change the type of file with the help of this vid mate app. 

Multifunctional app 

This application is for people who do not wish for a separate video player for audio, video, and movies and these people can get this Vidmate media player which is multipurpose and can help you download all files together in one app. 

So, if you want to download 9xmovies app then just get it installed on your device now by just tapping on the header or footer options and get it from 9Apps download android through APK…

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