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Adobe Flash Player is a free software which is used by 98% of the website for applications, content and videos. The flash player has technology which includes tools, different framework, servers, services and client runtimes, which are used to deliver data’s, apps or HD videos to a huge number of audience. In simple terms, you can view videos or any advertising footage by Adobe Flash Player from 9apps.

Flash player can run either through a web browser or through a plugin supported by a device. Flash player when used executes and shows content in SWF file format. However, it does not have any inbuilt features that modify it into SWF file at its runtime. It uses Adobe Integrated Runtime that gives access to runtime environment for many PC’s as well as mobile apps.

Adobe Flash Player supports many data formats like XML, AMF, SWF, JSON. Also for multimedia and graphics its supports formats like MP3, FLV, GIF, PNEG and JPEG. Adobe Player inaugurated in 1994 providing tool for creating Flash content also known as SWF files. For years later it has been the most extensive and only tool for creating animations, video content, playback and many media content. Lastly, Adobe has been used for application building.

You need to periodically update Adobe flash player. The player is automatically updated, also you can update from its official website manually. Don’t trust any popup messages asking you to update Adobe, as in cyber world there are enough viruses to enter your PC through any mode. To be safe use its official site to download or update its plugin.

You can simply log on to its site (, where you would find the safe and secure way to download or update. Adobe supports sites in HTML5 and CSS3 format which is also supported by a modern browser. Forgetting Adobe for your browser you need to have Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari or Microsoft internet explorer 11.

  • To install Flash Plugin to videos and different animated games, follow the steps.
  • Go to official site of Adobe Flash Player download page and start downloading Flash installer.
  • When the download finishes, exit the FireFox/chrome.
  • Open the Flash installer file on your device and follow the instructions.