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Ever wondered which is the best e-commerce shopping app online? It is Amazon, and we are going by the business that the app is doing,       we wish to reveal that Amazon owner Jeff Bezos is the wealthiest man in the world. If you are impressed, then Amazon android app can be downloaded from 9 app APK store. You can buy products of every range and match everyone’s style. This is smart shopping. You get
free shipping.

Download Amazon Shopping App Free from 9App APK Store

Download Amazon Shopping App Free from 9App APK Store

It is for everyone who does not want to go shopping in malls because malls are far off, and the fuel spent going to the mall to buy would also be saved, the discounts are real, it is easy to track the package,and this e-commerce website never shuts down and you can buy well into the night when you are bored and have some money to spare. You get to choose the delivery time, and you could order delivery time to be when you are home, but if office timings are tricky and you feel you are always in the office, then you could give your office address as your delivery address. You can save all addresses in your profile, and on weekends you can get the product delivered at home.

1) Payment Gateways

You get to pay as per your convenience; you get to pay by credit or debit card or when the product gets delivered at home. You can also pay by UPI, EMI or Net banking. Your app gives you an option to pay in monthly installments. Exchange, returns and refunds are well taken care of, and you would not feel cheated at any point, the customer service is available at all hours via call or email, you can also instantly
chat with a member from the customer care. You get Amazon balance when you are a loyal shopper.

2) Compare Prices 

There is no catch in the discounts. You can compare prices which mean that you can check other websites and buy from the site which offers the least amount. There is the entire inventory on your click of a free button, and you can look at the images and figure out how the product will look when it reaches you. There are all sizes available from XS to XL. You can buy something for your pet to something for your home, the choices are endless and so is the variety of goods available. You would be spoilt for choice. Amazon promises to bring you 17 crore products to choose from. You get another exciting feature. If there are certain products which you need every month such as toothpaste and
toothbrushes, then these would be delivered at your doorstep every month on the same date even when you do not order them every month.This feature is called reminders. Best of brands have partnered with Amazon, and you won’t find any brand which is not there on Amazon rather than it being the other way around.

3) Safety and Privacy

The app is still kept light and loads fast enough, and your shopping is safe, and your credit and debit card details are always safe, and your  privacy is always respected.

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