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APK : Android 5.x “Lollipop”
Initial release : 2013
Latest release: 4.4.4
Developer: Google
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Android Kit Kat is one of the most wonderful versions of Android and is one of the most innovative beautiful and amazing features for your device. It has beautiful features with innovative providing new development for the Android version. Kit Kat has a major component which can reduce the memory used and creating responsive, innovative applications which are very efficient in holding the memory. This app is very efficient on a low memory device. The new configuration can be uploaded with the leveling process and control memory. You can also protect the memory system of your App consuming a large amount of RAM This app of Android is very efficient and responsive on any devices it can match with the device memory configuration and modify features having a large memory and supporting entry-level devices optimizing on low memory. It is also said to be powerful in giving the details and footprints enhancing the memory Trends and issues revealing additional overhead.

Android Kit Kat also introduces a platform for supporting the transaction of host card emulation, in this process the payment program, and other custom services can be emulated buy the smart card. Position secured elements and NFC based transactions, this Android app has content over Wi-Fi and cloud hosted services enabling the users for discovering changes for printing the paper sizes, different documents and many more. This Android app introduces a platform managing the printing and platform manager providing a system for consistent control over printing ensuring the security of the content.

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The Android Kit Kat has storage access Framework which makes it simple for the users to browse and send files for the preferred documents and has a storage provider which is easy for using and browsing the files through the providers. It can implement a new document provider which includes the API to register with the provider system and managing browsing, reading and writing documents in the provider. The document provider access the local data and represent photos videos and audios by delivering the users and be a part of existing Android app ,downloading and installing this app makes it easy for the users access to the services and get exposure for engagement and services. It also supports screen recording utility for recording on your device which is a great way to create testing materials and marketing videos.