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If you are looking to find out how Android has evolved and how Android performance has become better, then you are in the right place.  

Android has been developed by Google as a platform for major operating systems and works towards the development of Android devices. 

So, android or what we can call Google’s mobile operating system may have started as shabby, but it has evolved. For instance, earlier the android phone had Gmail, Google maps, and calendar included in the Android OS from the time you bought the phone, but that is the thing of yesteryears, and now the company is moving towards owners of Android phones having to find even the essential apps in the Play Store. This is called deconstruction which started in 2010. This has been the evolution and coming together of Android. 

Android apps on Google Play 

There are android apps on Google Play, which is a powerful experience for new phones that keep flooding the market. Android supports many email accounts and each account’s settings. You can easily find out information about contacts, the gallery of the phones gets many updates. 

Affordable Android phones 

There are new apps, and still, Android phones are quite affordable. There are android videos on YouTube which can be easily downloaded. Screenshots are simple, and the web search box is an easy way to browse the internet. 

Android versions 

There are many versions of Android for phones such as Android petit four, froyo, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, kit kat, marshmallow, nougat, Oreo, pie, and many others. 

Android challenge 

Here, you are being introduced the first stage of the android challenge. You get to know the version code names and their release date, for instance, honeycomb android version works only for tablets, and which runs along gingerbread. Google has made the gingerbread android version, this was released in 2010, and this works towards android versions that are no longer supported. Then comes the android ice cream sandwich with its focus on tablets and Nexus devices. 

Android devices 

Android also works on Samsung and it and provides Google updates for these phones alongside Google updates for pixel and Nexus devices; you get updates for your phone, you have to download, and install the latest version of Android on the phones. Google pixel is also updated directly on the phone, and it is the latest released version in the market along with being secure. Checkboxes control the app which means you are given three options in the checkbox format such as sync browser, sync calendar, and sync contacts, and you have to choose the options one by one, and you could also select the options together in all. Android is fast, smooth and powerful, and each Android version competes with the next as far as performance and responsiveness are concerned. 

On Nexus, the performance is improved, and there are better, smoother and more accurate functions, you can find the latest version of the version on 9 apps. The app has become popular. The updates are lighter, and there is space saved. Overall, the performance of the Android is better.

This latest version is available on 9apps.  9apps offering the latest version you can download this app in your android device with 9apps.It has become popular app with its many new and latest provision which can be used easily on your android device.