Angry bird rio game free download APK for mobile – 2018

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Angry Birds Rio is a superb third and final puzzle video game app incurred in the Angry Birds series, initiated by Rovio Entertainment and listed in the category of Arcade. The language the app is currently accessible is the English language. This app acquires the supporting version of the Android app of around 4.1, 4.1.1 and above. The actual size of this app is around 47.48MB and the security level incurred on this app is 96% safe and sound. The downloads of this app taken place until now are around 579,024 and the date of launching is on 08.02.17.  During this game app, you can have the access of achieving more goals and good time pass with mindless fun incurred in it. Angry Birds Rio incurs with the same set up as the original game, except just a minute changes whereby the Angry Birds are rescuing their poor brethren who have been captured, caged and taken to Rio De Janeiro. In this game app, your main role is to help out the birds to escape by attacking the cages and overcoming all the obstacles incurred on your way, including fluffy-but very evil too.

The hit game Angry Birds is simply played just as the original game such as pulling the sling shot back, and viewing the bird fly. Turn your angel to the right, and you seem to be hitting the boxes and cages. And thus, once when the cages are broke open and destroyed, the birds are set free, and that’s it the level of the game is over. Moreover, extra points are achieved when you don’t make use of the extra birds. But while destroying if you are recurring out of the birds before the cages are hit, then you will lose the level. And you can do continue the same game play through the option of replay. This game is very accessible and can be easily installed from 9 Apps without any worries.


Assigned below are the authentic features of Angry Birds Rio, just check them out

  1. This game app is incurred fully free of cost without investing a single penny on it
  2. Magical City Rio: These angry birds have been made captive and taken over to the magical city of Rio de Janerio.
  3. The Strongest Eagle: This is a one time in app can be purchased and can be used forever.
  4. Power Boosting: On supporting your birds abilities helps you to gain complete access of achieving three stars soc that you can unlock various content.

Angry bird rio game free download APK for mobile – 2018

A very addictive and fun loving game is meant for the people of all ages and are enjoying the best of it. And if still other users haven’t downloaded this app on your device, then go directly to the web site none other than 9 Apps free download games and attain the absolute free installation on your device and enjoy this game to the fullest.

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