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This app is designed by Alibaba Group. And can be downloaded from 9apps install without paying a single penny. Privacy Knight App Lock is one of the most amazing security apps that will allow many other people from accessing into private information without anybody’s permission. Through this app, a smartphone can be kept safe with just a single tap. This app is designed to clean all visible applications from the screen of a smartphone device.

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In the event, it can be useful when the device is being shared by multiple parties or privacy concerns are an issue. This app is a free app for all android users. These Smart Lock grants access to your privacy from mobile phone to others. App Lock Privacy Knight is the best ad-free and small-size privacy security guard. Locks SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Calls. Hereby, you need not worry about the snoopers knowing about your private communication and chat messages.

After installing this app, the first thing to be done is set up a password for unlocking everything that restricts your application. When once the secret password is entered, the user will have access to a list of all the applications that have been installed on the smartphone. This app is a very great smart app locker that grants access to lock all the apps of lock gallery, SMS, Calls, Contacts, Gmail, Facebook, Whatsapp, Hike and more.

In this app, a user can meet all the necessary needs by hiding Apps, Pictures, Messages and so on. Privacy Knight Lock is the number one app which grants access to providing APP LOCK, VAULT, CLEAN, DISGUISE COVER, INTRUDER SELFIE, SECRET DOOR, THEMES for all round privacy protection. This app provides you international care.


Below given are the Highlighted Features of App Lock Free-Privacy Knight Rider, have a look at each one of them:

  • App Lock: All delicate apps can be locked and anybody who tries to lock the apps should unlock first.
  • Vault Privacy: Gallery can be kept safe by hiding Sexy Photos, private pictures & sensitive Videos
  • Privacy Cleaning: All Browsing History such as Adult, Social, Financial and Shopping Browsing can be cleared up through this app
  • Face Lock: Camera having front lock can be unlocked in one second. This Face Lock works offline.
  • Lock with Fingerprints: All Android Smartphones gets very well supported by the fingerprint lock.
  • Selfie Intruder: Selfie Intruder will unlock can catch intruders whoever unlocks your Apps 24/7
  • Secret Door: Find Out Privacy Knight to a Dialer
  • Disguise Cover: This disguise cover brings more fun which brings more fun.
  • Notification Lock: Preview text should be hidden from notification and no sensitive notification will be popped up
  • Uninstallation can be prevented: Privacy Knight can be uninstalled by Snoopers.
  • Protection Log: Hereby users can check whereby the intruders are trying to unlock their protected apps.
  • Themes for Free: Plenty of lock screen themes are to be chosen from this app
  • Unlocks Paths can be Invisible: Paths can be hidden while drawing unlock pattern
  • Call Lock for Incoming Calls: Private calls stay private. It’s never a call blocker, but the call keeps your privacy all safe.


Be a part of this 9apps download, as this software package hides all applications from others. If interested don’t delay, download and install without any tension as soon as possible to attain all your benefits and to keep your device safe.

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