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App Lock 2018 is an amazing and most popular app which enables in attaining personal security to secure privacy. And it is used by over 200 millions of people for safety measure for their Android devices. This app also supports 24 languages. It is one of the most simple and easiest locker applications to prevent unauthorized use of phone apps. Perfect and well suited clean app that allows the user to lock with just a single tap on any devices.

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Applock is also accessible to lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat, Instagram, SMS, Contacts, Gmail, Settings, incoming calls and any kind of app that we choose. This app also prevents unauthorized access and guards’ privacy and ensures excellent security.  App Lock was initiated in Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 with an advanced application of control features and functionality of Software Restriction Policies.

This app consists of new capabilities and extensions which enables the users to follow the rules or decline applications from running based on various files of identity and grants authorization to the users or groups which can run those applications. This is one of the awesome securities App for Android users. Therefore, this app lock is one of the most intruder selfie, private SNS and incognito browser.

This Applock is one of the most famous downloaded app lock in Play Stores. Privacy protected with a password, pattern, fingerprint lock and so on. Applock is the number 1 app in almost 50 countries. Applock grants access to hiding pictures and videos. And thus hidden pictures and videos have vanished from Gallery and only visible in the photos and video vault.

Private memories are well and easily protected. It has a random keyboard and invisible lock pattern. Thus, no need to worry, as people can keep the pin and password or pattern more secretly. This app is extremely available in 9apps and is totally free of cost.


Here are a very few key factors of Applock, have a look at them below, so that you may understand this amazing app:

  • App Lock: Any kind of apps available on your device can be locked, by protecting privacy
  • Phone Setting Lock: Through this app, you can avoid others from changing your phone setting like WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile data and Install/Uninstall. Thus, you can keep your phone away by being messed up by other people.
  • Pin and Pattern Unlock: Unlocking options such as Pin and Pattern are incurred on this app, thus by choosing your favourite style an App can be unlocked. Thus, both options seem to be safe and secure.
  • Recovery of Password: The forgotten password set on the device can be recovered by setting your security question.


Thus, Applock the Android mobile tool can be very easily installed through simple incurred techniques, by from it 9apps install without any delay.

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