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Applock-2019 is a lifesaver for all the teens and people out there and if you have some things that you keep in privacy then this is the only thing that you need. It can help you to secure a lot of things and you can get to lock your apps as to get over the things that you don’t want to show to other people. If you are much of a private person then you need to unlock all the features of the app and for that, you need to take up a plan that can help you to do that.

Once you give your phone in some other’s hands then there are higher chances of getting your personal things checked. There are so many things that you can end up doing and the app lock is what you need to get started. Here are some features of app lock that can help you to get the most out of the app lock locking app for your application and vault.

Features of App lock

We are here to help you know all of them. Look out for all these things that are mentioned in the section below and you can choose up these things and start using them on your mobile phone to get all things done in a much better way.

1) Locking Apps and Games

The app lock allows you to lock any of the apps that are on your mobile phone and this is really an interesting thing that you can get from the apps. If you have some secure messenger app then you can use it instead of using the app directly which will help you secure your conversations and messages with the help of our best app lock app.

2) Photo and Video Vault

The vault is one of the most amazing things that you can get and get a photo vault can help you to secure some of the most secured photos and your private data. The best thing is that this is uploaded to an online cloud that is again by out app lock that helps your data to be secure.

3) Picture Security

When someone tries to unlock your phone then the picture is clicked through your selfie camera which will let you know about the one who wants to sneak into your phone.

4) Screen Lock

You can use the app lock as your screen lock and it will help you to secure your apps and even all the things that you have on your mobile phone. Choose the one type from PIN and pattern to use as your lock. Never fall for things that are fancy and choose the one that fits easily.

5) Password Recovery

The password of the app lock can be easily recovered and this thing can help you a lot through recovery and adding your google account can help you get it done.


Thus, Applock the Android mobile tool can be very easily installed through simple incurred techniques, by from it 9apps install without any delay.

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