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Beauty Plus App Download from 9apps

Beauty Plus is an excellent app for photo editing, accessing with the capability of enhancing the beauty of selfies. This app is very much accessible on all your Android devices and very well supports Android devices accessing with the supporting version of about 4.1 and above. Through this app, you can add a glow to your skin, a touch up of foundation and various other options to enhance the beauty of yourself to make you look much better than you are. Beauty Plus is an awesome app, through which you can have the access to sharing your photos through social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Line and so on.

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Thus you can express your style and personality with the new up gradation of AnimeCam accessible on Beauty Plus. This selfies camera incurred in Beauty Plus Air automatically smoothens your skin and clears off all the blemishes and dark circles with just a single tap. The main goal of yours is you need to press the shutter button and Beauty Plus Air will assume the rest. This application is developed by Meitu Technology and is accessed in the listed category of Photography App which you can easily download from 9apps fast download.

The actual download version of this application is of about 6.5.7. This app works by assigning you to countless options enabling you to improve that selfie. Thus, through this, you can just snap a selfie in the app or import from the existing selfie you need to touch up. Certain options provided in the app includes the filters, skin retouching, acne removal and even facelifts too.

Various other effects included in this app are those of sparkling of your eyes and also an option of enlarging your eyes for that look of anime. A magic brush is also featured in this app which enables you in adding stickers, text and much more. So get the access to this fun camera on your device to enhance the beauty of your selfies into animated collages.


Here are some of the unique features of Beauty Plus have a look at them

  1. Very simple and Light: This app very well supports in clicking the photo with the screen touch and capturing of beautiful moments is also accessible in this app
  2. Image Effects: Crop, rotate and straightening of the photo can be done through this app
  3. Colour Temperature
  4. App fully packed with fun-filled stickers.
  5. Ultimate balance of Color is done on this app
  6. Splashing of the color and many more
Beauty Plus App Download 9apps free APK for Android

To enhance the beauty of your selfies captured, then this Beauty Plus app is much better than any other. So to attain the access of this app on your Android device, simply cling on to the APK.file through 9apps and get the installation done directly without any worries, as this app is extremely free of cost.

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