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Edit your photos with the Beauty Plus  Android App

There are a variety of Chinese apps which you can use to edit your photos to look good on your worst day. You must have used a range of other apps, but this one is by far the best. As of today, there are millions of users using this app to their satisfaction, and it is not just for Android users, but Apple users too. It gives you flawless skin and edits in such a way that the final picture has you looking no less than a model.

How to Edit To The Best Of Your Ability

There are specific shortcuts you need to know when you are using this app. When you use these hacks, your original photograph will turn into a picture that looks like a professional photographer clicked it, even experienced photographers cannot sometimes get such glamorous results.

Below are the hacks to use this app to optimal quality

1) In-app purchases

The first few times that you use this app, it will give you free usage of all editing tools, but as you start using the app often, you will see that specific functions such as HD retouch become a paid option. That irks the user because HD is the most important feature of this application. But, we will look at the bright side for there are still a lot of free and unpaid features.

2) Reviews from Customers

When you have been discouraged by a lot of free applications and do not wish to waste time on an application, then we suggest you look at the application reviews and ratings. Beauty Plus has been rated four worldwide. That is an excellent rating to have.

3) How fast does the application download?

The app is only 12.9  MB in size, and downloads within seconds. We are all worried about the space on our phone, so with this app, you can leave that concern aside.

Features of Beauty Plus App

Now, this photography app can do many things. Let us describe some features in detail :

1) HD Retouch.

HD retouch adds sunlight to your face, and that adds an overall natural glow to your face making your face look brighter and cleaner. It works well with another feature called ‘Tone’ where you have to choose the skin tone and color;  the skin tones offered range from darkest brown to fairest peach.

2) Whiten the teeth

This feature makes your teeth look sparkling white, and that makes a lot of difference to the overall picture.

3) Makeup

The app gives you three and more versions of eyeshadows, blushers and hair colors. All these work wonders, the application would let you choose how you look with each color, and the final picture has you with some red lips, brown hair, and a very mild shade of lavender eye shadow. You could spend your whole day figuring out which is the best final picture.

4) Stickers

The app has stickers that work magic, you should try the sticker which is a small tattoo near the eye, some naughty sunglasses, and you also have stickers that look like it was Snap Chat.

5) Family app

It is a family app because it gives you an option to team up with five other members of the family, and edit pictures together. Works best when you have just returned from a family trip, and this can also work when you wish to beautify your pre-wedding shoot pictures.  

  • Excellent Highlights incurred in the photo: Clear and Spotless skin which enables the removal of blemish, retouch skin tone, smoothens skin, adds extra radiant complexion and much more for a suitable face.
  • Clean Eyes: This app erases all the dark circles under your eyes and makes them look neat and brighter.
  • Excellent Shiny Teeth: There’s a tool of teeth whitening incurred in this app which will make you look that you came directly from the dentist.
  • Quick Beauty Touch: Retouch of a make-up on your face through photo editing is done by this app.
  • Many other Photo Editing Equipment: “Blur”- adding focus on main elements of picture
  • Resizing the Picture: “Cropping” with the reshapes and trims incurred in this app
  • Filters of various kinds: from romantic to dramatic


After having an overall outlook on the above-prescribed description and features of this app, all users will be glad about installing this app without any interruption. So to get it downloaded instantly on your device, just switch on to 9apps fast download it without any delay as it is extremely free of cost.

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