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Bigo live video chat app download from 9apps :

BIGO live is a very interesting social media video chat app. This app is a social networking app, as you can make friends with people around the world, including celebrities and add them as a part of your network. It like Youtube, but allows live streaming on a social network platform. You can watch live videos of people talking and doing various things like singing, dancing, cooking, playing games, demonstrating yoga, etc. It is a great entertainment avenue and allows you to showcase your talents.

There are two options for you. You can just be a watcher and browse through the thousands of live video streaming events and watch people exhibit their talent. You can be entertained and also learn new things. The other option is to be a performer. Here, you can show your talent. You can tell a joke or sing your favorite song live and the whole world would be watching you.

There is an interesting gift concept, wherein you have diamonds within the app. You can send these diamonds to the people whose videos you like. If you receive diamonds from those who like your performance, you can convert it to beans. These beans can be later converted to cash and you can actually make money using this app.

This is an extremely popular app, especially in South East Asia with millions of users. This is a good way of having fun in an app, interacting with people and also making money by exhibiting the talents you have. You can also use it for video chatting.

Features of BIGO Live app:

  1. You can enjoy watching live videos or even watch recorded videos. You can see videos in various categories and even bookmark your favorites so you can watch then live streaming at any time.
  2. There are interesting multi guests live streaming shows, where you can interact with the person streaming and also with others watching. This is good entertainment and helps in social interaction with others.
  3. If you have a talent, you can also exhibit it. Stream your own live performance and show your talent to the world. Once you become popular, you will go viral and millions will watch you and interact with you online.
  4. There is an interesting feature of integrating games with live video streaming. This means you can live stream the games you play. This allows you to showcase your gameplay experience. You can also make new friends who like the games of your choice.
  5. The app is free to download and use. There is a store where you can buy and add things to your profile like photo effects, special effects, badges, etc. This helps in attracting more people to come and watch your live streaming videos.  

The BIGO app is available on the 9Apps website. Download the apk file and install on your mobile. You can start interacting with celebrities and people across the world and watch them perform. You can also show your talents and even earn money.

Assigned below are the extreme features of BIGO Live, just have a look at them

  1. Exploration of the Star Broadcasters: To get communicated with the celebrities and social media influence’s from all over the world
  2. Plenty of Fans: Getting connected with millions of users worldwide, thus BIGO LIVE helps you become the next star.
  3. Live Broadcasts: With you phone you can watch the live broadcast whenever and wherever you want.
  4. Authentic Gifts: Plenty of cool and unique gifts are ready. Thus, show your style and send roadster to broadcasters
  5. Live Guest: Hereby you can invite your friends to co-host your broadcast. And here you can join online and offline rewarding activities.
  6. Exchanging of Beans to Rewards: Exchanging of Beans to cash and then broadcast, ear money and enjoy the app.

Bigo live video chat app APK download for android

To get the access of this app on your device and want to enjoy its extreme benefits then go directly to the web site none other than 9app download fast and get the installation done instantly without any subscription fee incurred on it.   

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