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BIGO Live an utmost interesting and amazing app for a mobile device whereby all users can start their own live stream and can watch all enjoyable show of various talented performers. So, be a part of this of this app and collect to attain prizes and gain popularity. The main app developers are BIGO Technology Pte Ltd. The actual downloaded version of this app is 3.8.1. It is listed in the category of Social App and the content rating of this app is incurred to the Teen. The accessibility of the supporting version required for this app is the Android incurring 4.0 and above. The total number of reviews received until now are 1350873. The app got launched on July 25, 2017. This app is extremely free of cost to download and is safe from any kind of virus. BIGO Live is accessible to all Android devices from the web store of 9 Apps and free of cost without any hassles.

This app can also be installed on PC too. Extremely Free of cost to download without incurring a single penny. This app is considered to be one of the most new trends in broadcasting. BIGO Live is installed by plenty of user worldwide and has achieved complete access over all devices of Android. If incase you are interested in starting your own live streaming service, you can get the access of this popular mobile device app ‘BIGO LIVE-Live Broadcasting’. There are various other interesting awesome features incurred by the developer of this app, so that the access to users of sharing is made very simple. The downloads taken place until now 5008 and the actual size of this app is 20.4MB. This app is extremely priceless. So to get the access of this app in your device move on to the web site 9 Apps.


Assigned below are the extreme features of BIGO Live, just have a look at them

  1. Exploration of the Star Broadcasters: To get communicated with the celebrities and social media influence’s from all over the world
  2. Plenty of Fans: Getting connected with millions of users worldwide, thus BIGO LIVE helps you become the next star.
  3. Live Broadcasts: With you phone you can watch the live broadcast whenever and wherever you want.
  4. Authentic Gifts: Plenty of cool and unique gifts are ready. Thus, show your style and send roadster to broadcasters
  5. Live Guest: Hereby you can invite your friends to co-host your broadcast. And here you can join online and offline rewarding activities.
  6. Exchanging of Beans to Rewards: Exchanging of Beans to cash and then broadcast, ear money and enjoy the app.

Bigo live video chat app APK download for android

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