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Body Scanner Prank Free APK Download for Android

Everyone needs an app on their phone that is just meant to entertain friends and family, and the body scanner free app is only one of those apps. We have all wondered at some point in time in our life how our friends look in X-Ray vision. This app would make your dream come true. Both boys and girls love this app equally.

Jokes apart, no one feels bad because this app falls within the prank apps category and should be tried on April fool’s day.

The features of the Android App :

  1.    Interactive and Fun

The fun part of the app starts right at the beginning when the app asks you to start. Everyone gets nervous that they are going to be shown how they look in X-ray vision and think of this as some new invention. Then the app asks you if you are black or white, suspense build up as you say, you are fair. Next question by the app is whether it is day or night in your part of the world, and you pick the day option.

  1.    Impressive X-RAY light

When the app asks you to stay still, and you do then some X-Ray looking light scans you. The X-Ray light moves twice over your chest. It all feels so real. You are caught if you seriously think that it is some world-changing technology. That just shows how willing to be tricked you are.

  1.    Prank Your Friends

There are a lot of prank tools these days on the internet, but the prank category of apps is still very new, and everyone is likely to fall for your prank. On April Fool’s 2019 you should have the best joke ready.

  1.    The skeleton

The best part is that this is not some 22nd-century science, and we do not know if X-ray images exist or not. Our app shows a frame of a skeleton at the end, and that is the best part. How else is one supposed to look on the inside below all the clothes? You wanted, and the application gives you the X-Ray. Go ahead and see how many people fall for the trick.

  1. Free of cost

This fun app is free of cost, and you do not need to spend a single penny anymore to make a group laugh. This app falls within the casual category and would make your personality soar high on popularity charts.

The app is all that good but there are way too many advertisements there, and after each press of the button there is a new ad, but that is no reason not to get this app because there are very few excellent apps that fall within the entertainment with friends category. When someone shows you a good app, then show them this app.

Below mentioned are the extraordinary features of this app, just have a look at them

  1. Very Funny Scanner: In this app, even you scan dustbin pictures, also looked as scanned.
  2. Body Scanner: Pretends like a good X-ray tool scanning every part of the body
  3. Very amusing and incredible app
  4. Friends can be very easily fooled through this app saying that their body behind clothes is being scanned


If you are really pleased about this app and want it to be installed on your device, then just pick up your mobile and download this game app from 9apps fast download it without incurring a single penny and share it, fool your friends and enjoy and have fun through this app without any hassles.

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