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Are you looking for a video player of the quality of YouTube which does a great job at video rendering and which is good for playing documentaries then BS player is for you.

BS player apk


Phones and computers

BS Player is hardware accelerated video player for smartphones and computers. By hardware accelerated video player we mean better speed, and less battery usage, there are multiple languages in which the app would operate, and there would be support of subtitles in many styles.

Documentary viewing

There is multi-core HW decoding support which again means better performance, you can make playlists of your choice, and as many numbers of playlists that you want, there are many playback speed which is better, there is background playback in pop up window, you get faster viewing which means you can view files faster and you do not have to keep going back to the start, you can quickly skim through some parts  and this feature is especially considered good for when you want to view a documentary.

Internet connection

You would get to your favorite frame of the video fast. There is hardware acceleration which is the hardware aspect, and this makes your video better than how it would be if only software were being taken into account. You can get a BS player which means you can install the app in just a matter of seconds. There is multi-core means better playback speed, you need internet support like good data speed, and or WiFi so that the internet connection lets you find subtitle support.

Skinnable UI

The UI of this app is skinnable which means the program becomes more comfortable to use, and the program is better to look at and more aesthetically pleasing. It makes the whole thing fun, and the app is overall better that way. You get as many as three skins in one go, and these skins are like themes.

The app is straightforward to use after skinning, and each new version that comes makes sure that old bugs were fixed.

You report problems as a user, and then the app comes out with results of that in the forms of debugging of the app which is an excellent feature of this app.

Sharing the file on social media

The app remembers your playback position which means where the file was stopped in the file manager and from where it should be resumed. You get attempts at sharing the data on social media which means sharing on Facebook and Instagram. More types of headsets would become compatible with this app. You get an aspect ratio option which means you get to choose how you view your screen and whether you want it aligned perpendicularly or parallel. You get DVD support.

Video rendering

This does not just mean whether you can play a video using DVD and all that, but it also means if your app can convert video to 1000s of formats including MP4, AVI, FLV and more. This app is the next gen in video rendering. Video rendering means when a sure renderer renders video of very high quality. For example, this app is the kind of video renderer which can display excellent quality video. For example, YouTube.

  • It has a multi-core which is exclusively provided in this app so as to improve the playback speed.
  • There is a background playback in a popup window in this BS Player long press the button back to play back video and audio in popup videos.
  • The registered users of this app can also find subtitle support in this app automatically with the help of mobile data or Wi-Fi as it requires an internet connection to work.
  • The users can also play media files such as videos, MP3 directly via Wi-Fi from their network shared drives or folders as there is no need to convert video files and copy media files to SD card anymore.

So, if you really want to switch to this amazing BS Player Pro app in order to avail it seamless and extraordinary features and functions then just click on the header or footer options now and get it installed directly from download 9Apps through APK full premium version without any hassle…

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