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Do you want to add some fun to your bored time and your boring life? Well, there are so many things that you can come up with and the Bubble shooter game can work out to be the best and when you are using 9apps store then you can get this app with an easy way.

There are a lot of games out there that you can choose and bubble shooter game is one perfect game that every 90’s kid knows about and has been playing the game since their childhood. Well, this is time to pass this on to your kids and to let them play such games and you can play the game when you are bored or you just don’t have anything to do.

How to Play Bubble Shooter Game Efficiently?

The game is really easy to play and there are some things that can help you to play the game and if you are looking for some tips that can ease the gameplay for you then we are here to help you out in the best way possible. There are so many things that you can get from the game and the bubble shooter game can be played with all these tactics on your mobile.

1) Be Quick

When you are playing the game then you need to respect time as it will never stop for you and you need to make some quick decisions when playing the game to keep it going. You need to keep shooting and it will surely help you to get on the path to win the game.

2) Make a Clear Path

If you are all about winning the game then you need to play better and make some moves that help you to clear the path as it will help you with ease and you will never get confused while shooting as there will be fewer options.

3) Plan You Colors

When you are shooting colors then you need to choose the color and where to shoot that thing while playing. This will surely help you out in a much better way when playing with colors.

4) Play Smart

Playing smart can do the trick for you and when you are playing such a game then you need to work out smart which will help you make some deadly combinations and will lead you to win the game.

5) Switch Button

The switch button is the best thing and you need to be quick when using it as it will keep shuffling colors and you need to choose the one that can help you make combinations.

6) Work on Strategy

Strategic gameplay is all that it takes and when playing bubble shooter, you need to work on strategy first.

7) Use power-ups

Power-ups in the game are bliss and that thing can help you to win the game easily without any extra hassles. Make sure you are using them and this will surely help you in the game.


If you are interested in this Bubble Shooter game, and want to be a part of this game. Then, just install it from 9apps store . Do not delay and get ready and join the bubble blasting fun game. This game app will make your brain active, so be ready, aim perfectly and shoot out the bubbles and gain more awards.

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