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Bubble Shooter is one of the most interesting game app and the most puzzled games around the world. A super classic game is very easy to play. This game is incurred with very much fun and very addictive too. You can perform all skills to cover up the challenges in this game app. This game app is incurred by llyon and the access of requirement for all Android devices for this app is of about 2.3 and above. This app was updated on 8th of February 2017. In this game the main task of the  players is to shoot out all the coloured bubbles which  are present on the screen and if incase any 3 or more match up they fall away. This app can be easily installed from 9 Apps and is exclusively free of cost. Bubble Shooter has plenty of exciting levels filled with bombs and bubbles.

In this the player needs to shoot out all the bubbles and thus by clearing all the bubbles it attains to gain points. Thus, the player becomes more addictive to this game and tries to clear up all the bubbles and earn points instantly. As per customer reviews, this game is a very good game and they simply enjoy playing it. The main objective of this game is to clear all the bubbles in a row displayed in the screen by matching them up within the limited period of time. So to play this game, the players need to make use of the mouse to get the control over the bubbles that they can clear out inorder to increase their chances of creating another match. Later, after a couple of minutes, an extra row of bubbles appear on the screen and thus the game comes to an end if the bubbles fill the screen. The main concept of the Bubble Shooter is quite simple which incurs with both strength and weakness. And also a very understanding game as to how to play and get a certain grip while playing.


Assigned below are the unique features of Bubble Shooter game, do have a look at them

  1. This game app is incurred with various improved game modes
  2. Incurred with 150 different challenging levels.
  3. Plenty of various new bubbles and power ups
  4. Excellent Visual effects
  5. Plenty of beautiful scenes and different coloured bubbles
  6. Controllable of two ways of shooting
  7. And various other ways of gaining points


Therefore, if you want to check out his game on your Android device to spend your time in relaxing mode, then go to 9apps fast download and install this app without any worries. And attain plenty of coins within a limited period of time.  

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