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Your mobile phone apart from being used by you would be in high demand among the children in your house. Children love to use the mobile phone, not to make calls, but to play games. It is not just children, but even adults who like to play games on their mobile phones. Playing games is an interesting pastime and it is a good way to be entertained and to pass time. Playing games can actually help you concentrate. When you are traveling or simply feeling bored, it is a good way to kill time.

The Bubble Shooter game is an extremely popular game on all smartphones. This highly colorful and interesting game is loved by children, teenagers, adults and even the elderly. Everyone loves to play this game and test their skills at shooting bubbles. This is a very simple game, no complicated rules or gameplay process. That is the reason everyone likes it.

In this game, you have to shoot at the bubbles that are being released. All you have to do is tap on the bubble to shoot it. You would need to match colors and shoot three bubbles of the same color. Once you shoot it in this way the bubbles burst and vanish. In this way, you have to keep bursting bubbles as and when they come and you keep getting points for the bubbles you burst. It is is a great fun game for you to play on your mobile.

Features of the Bubble Shooter Game:

  1. It is a fun game and highly addictive. It is a good way to pass time when you are bored or traveling and don’t have anything to do.
  2. There are two modes in the game. The Arcade mode is like the video arcade games, where the bubbles keep coming and you have to keep bursting them quickly. In the puzzle level, you need to think and play to clear the limited number of bubbles from the screen. Both levels are interesting and fun to play.
  3. You can earn points by bursting bubbles and compare with your friends to see who has more points.
  4. This is not a single game, which you play again and again. It is organized into levels. Each time you clear a level, a new level starts which is slightly more difficult. In this way, there are more than 300 levels in this game and you have a great time playing them all.
  5. The game is colorful and highly attractive. You can even change the game background as per your liking. You can change the background to a star-lit sky or a castle or a sea or use any of the other backgrounds available.

The Bubble Shooter game apk file is available on the 9Apps Website. You can download and install on your mobile and then enjoy a great time playing this highly interesting and colorful game. You won’t be able to keep track of time when you play this addictive game on your mobile phone.


Assigned below are the unique features of Bubble Shooter game, do have a look at them

  1. This game app is incurred with various improved game modes
  2. Incurred with 150 different challenging levels.
  3. Plenty of various new bubbles and power ups
  4. Excellent Visual effects
  5. Plenty of beautiful scenes and different coloured bubbles
  6. Controllable of two ways of shooting
  7. And various other ways of gaining points


Therefore, if you want to check out his game on your Android device to spend your time in relaxing mode, then go to 9apps fast download and install this app without any worries. And attain plenty of coins within a limited period of time.  

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