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When we talk of games for the mobile phone, one of the most popular games is Bubble Shooter. This is a game which everyone would have played sometime or the other – it is so popular. This is a simple and easy game to play, without any complications. Yet it is interesting to play mainly because of the simple feature. All you have to do in this game is to burst bubbles. Very easy, isn’t it? As you burst bubbles, you can get points and move ahead in the game, which is what makes this game interesting.

This game has been available for many years now. This is a new version of the same bubble shooter game released in 2017 and is known as Fruit legend. The name is because you have to burst the bubbles and position the fruits correctly to move ahead in the game. This new feature in the game makes it more interesting. As you keep playing the game, it moves ahead to higher levels, which become more difficult. This is what makes this game very interesting.

It is an excellent game to pass time. It is suitable for everyone – teenagers, adults, and children. Everyone can play this highly interesting game and have a great time. When you are feeling bored or have no work to do or are traveling and have to sit simply for a long time, this game serves as a good pastime. You can relax and get entertained by playing this game.

Features of Bubble Shooter 2017 game :

  1. The traditional bubble shooter game, where you shoot bubbles and break it, while matching colors, three at a time is back. Apart from clearing bubbles and moving ahead in the game, you have the fruit aspect of the game, which makes it very interesting.
  2. The popular Angry birds also make an appearance and are available in a bonus game, which is very interesting to play. You can enjoy this new feature in this version when you install this game.
  3. You have to clear each level to move ahead and earn points. There are more than 100 levels, where the puzzles are challenging and highly interesting.
  4. The graphics and animation are good and the background music is also catchy, which makes gameplay more interesting.
  5. There is a leader board feature, where you can see the points you have scored and compare with others, including your friends. It would be fun and competitive to beat your friends and be on top of the leader board.
  6. There are a number of magic boosters available in the game, which you can get. You can use these boosters to quickly level up and move ahead faster in the game.

Bubble Shooter 2017 Fruit legend game apk file can be downloaded from the 9Apps website. Downloading and installing is very easy and can be done in no time. Once you install, enjoy playing this addictive game for hours together and have a great time.

The Supreme Features of this App are assigned below, you will be impressed after looking at them

  1. Levels of 100+ challenging puzzles incurred in this game app
  2. Through this game app, you can earn a high score and beat the score of your friends
  3. The power-up is boosted
  4. Awesome tricks incurred obstacles
  5. Excellent Animations filled with playful music
  6. Various adventure across novel worlds
  7. Treats can be unlocked by completing the adventurous levels
  8. Simple, easy and filled with fun to play
  9. In the kingdom of candy 100’s of sweet levels are incurred every 2 weeks
  10. Accessed with Leader boards to check out your friends and competitors scores


Thus, if you like this Shoot Bubble  games and want to get the access of it on your device, then move on to the 9apps APK store and get the installation done quickly without any worries and enjoy the game to the fullest.

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