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Automatic Call Recorder

You make use of your mobile phone for calling people and talking to them and also to receive calls. When you receive a call from someone important, let us say your boss, they may give you certain instructions or important information. You may be traveling and not able to write it down. The chances are that you will forget what was said later. The solution for this is to record your phone calls. When you receive a phone call, the entire conversation is recorded and stored on your mobile. You can open the recorded conversation when you are free and listen to it any number of times so that you can listen to important information.

You may also want to record phone calls for any other reason including for your safety. Whatever may be the reason, if you want to record a call, then you need a software for this. Automatic Call Recorder from Application Software is the solution for all your recording needs. The software is one of the best apps in the market to record phone calls. It is very easy to use this app to record calls and then play them back.

This call recording call is available for all types of mobiles. If you have a Samsung mobile and want to have this app to record phone calls automatically, then you can download the apk file for the app through 9Apps website. The app can be used to ensure that you have every detail of calls with you.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder:

  1. You can record calls automatically. This is helpful in case you forget to press the record button. Once the call is recorded, you can add notes to it and save it to your mobile phone’s memory or storage card.
  2. Stored voice call recordings can be integrated with Google Drive and also with Dropbox so that the call recordings are automatically saved on the cloud and there is no risk of losing the data if the file gets deleted by mistake. This is a great feature available in this app.
  3. All calls are stored in the Inbox. You can decide beforehand, the inbox size. Depending on your phone memory, you can set the inbox size. You can anytime review the call recordings in the inbox and move it to saved calls folder so it will be stored permanently.
  4. Once the recordings are made, searching for the recording you want is easy. There are options available to help you search for calls based on contact, date, time, notes, etc.
  5. You can select contacts in advance for auto record mode. Whenever the contact you have selected calls, the call is automatically recorded, there is no need for you to press a record button.

The Automatic Call Recorder for Samsung mobile APK file can be installed by you from the 9Apps website. Download and install this very useful application to record calls received by you on your mobile phone.


Below assigned are the unbelievable features of Automatic Call Recorder, you will be impressed by it

  1. Calls get recorded automatically through auto-pilot feature incurred in it
  2. All your recorded calls are very well easily managed
  3. All your phone recordings can be shared without any interruption
  4. All recordings as per names and group dates can be very well sorted out
  5. This app also can use Samsung mobile user


Finally, if you really want to achieve such benefits on your Android device then, just click on 9apps download instantly with the quicker access without any delay and enjoy the extreme features of it on your device without incurring a single penny, as it is extremely free of cost.


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