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Candy crush soda game free download from 9apps

There are numerous games you can play online, but online games are not where you want to apply a lot of brains, and that is why has brought you a simple game.  You can enjoy the game when you are feeling alone. This game is bound to cheer you up. When you take a break from the game for a little while, it pauses, then the game would ask you to connect to Facebook. When you connect with Facebook, you can have the paused game restart again. This Facebook-connected game also makes you become part of the Candy Crush family, and you would find many like you who enjoy the game because the game is that addictive.

Here is a list of things which make the Candy Crush Soda app so unique:

  1.    Graphics

The candies and the soda bottles are very colorful and look very real, and that is why it has been called a mouthwatering game.

  1.    Music

Most online games have foul music that is torture to the ears, but somehow the music of Candy Crush Soda Saga is motivational despite being majorly meant for young kids who want to be egged on in the game. As far as opinions go, the music suits adults well too and urges them to continue playing the game.

  1.    Nicknames

Everyone likes to go back to becoming a kid, and many elders and senior citizens have been seen playing Candy Crush Soda Saga and choosing nicknames which show up on leaderboards.

  1.    Competition

No matter how bad you are playing, someone is playing worse than you according to the leader board, and that is always a good feeling.

The game gives you hints when you are a beginner, you can start to get a command over the competition.

  1.    Look out for Purchases

There are boosters in the game which you have to unlock by playing well, but you can also purchase the boosters online through credit cards. The primary purpose behind this payment is to get to the next level and get your name registered in the top players. The game is relatively simple to play, and maybe that is why that it gets so competitive. The transactions are secure, and your purpose would be served. That way the makers and the sellers are believable.

  1.    Facebook community

There are millions of people who are playing this game across the world, and it feels good to know that you are sailing in the same boat as so many other people.

  1.    Customer support

The app gives you customer support through a bot. You can ask questions like why your game is freezing, and you will get answers like probably you should change your browser, the bot will give you all answers whether you are playing the game on your phone or your PC. It is supported by most technology, and you can enjoy the game from anywhere.

Awesome features of this app are as follows, and they are sure to impress all users

  1. Levels of 1000 are incurred in this game app
  2. Various other new game modes which are incurred in this app are:

Soda – connecting the bottles and candies in order to freeze purple soda and save the candy bears

Frosting – This mode is incurred in order to smash the ice and release the candy bears free

Honey – This includes the freezing of the candy bears which have been trapped next to honey

  1. Delicious new candies and combine new combinations
  2. Display of tasty  new environment with the mixture of other characters
  3. Yummy eye capturing graphics
  4. Simple, easy and very enjoyable to play and a challenging game too


After noticing the above mentioned features, if the you are interested to get the access of this app on your device and enjoy this challenging game, simply switch on to 9apps fast download and be a part of this game and enjoy the best of it.

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