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There are a lot of ‘ Earn Money Online’ kind of apps you must have seen on the internet, and this is just one of those websites with the basic tenet being that this app is reliable. You must be thinking it is just another facade to embarrass you in front of your friends and to reek you in on some waste of time referrals. But, you would be glad to know that this money making app is a govt. app. It is backed by the govt. for real.

So far, ten thousand people have used the app to make some easy money. It is one of the best Android apps. It falls within the category of lifestyle apps or what could be called the earning-apps.

It works such that you can sign up on the website, and you ask your affiliates also to sign up. That is all you need to do to save money on online deals.

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These registered affiliates will also get deals on online websites which give extra discounts to people who have signed up on Champ cash. Not just that, but you can also earn money filling surveys and forms. If you have Paytm, then you get extra cash back, and more points, and thus by making transactions through Champ Cash, you earn a lot because you save a lot. The basic concept is that if A refers B and B refers C then A gets the money for referring both B and C. You do not need to invest anything to earn through Champ Cash.

Below are few things you need to know about making online money :


Have you ever got your phone recharged online, and got coupons worth the same amount of the recharge and then wondered how that is possible? These are your earning lifestyle apps, and you are guessing right, it is a lot of saving, and the apps behind it are apps such as Champ Cash. Assuming you get a recharge, and you have signed up with Champ Cash and your friends/ affiliates have done the same, so you can get a coupon to shop or a salon coupon or maybe cash back; these are all the features of a Champ Cash website. Even Amazon has a tie-up with this app.

Withdrawing from the bank

Champ cash also lets you earn money when you withdraw from the bank.

Free talk time

Champ cash also covers features such as free talk time and free mobile minutes.


The User Interface is such that it is easy to understand, and you would not feel like you have entered into the application without knowing your way through it. The new feature is the achievement page showing how much you have earned.


The developers and users have given this app a score of 5/ 5.  The concept is age-old, and now gaining valid license by the govt., and hence a reliable way to earn money through you advertising for a particular company.

So, if you are genuinely looking for such type of app through which you can earn money then just download it now by tapping on the header or footer options of this site and get it installed directly from download 9apps through now as you are just a single click away from installing this app of Champcash and enjoying its seamless functions and benefits..

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