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Chhota Bheem Kung Fu Jump free download from  9apps 

You can use your mobile to play many kinds of games online. Children would love to take your mobile and play games online. These games are entertaining for children. Most of the games that are available online are games made by foreign developers and have foreign characters. One of the most popular Indian characters for children is Chota Bheem. This character has become extremely popular and children enjoy watching the Chota Bheem shows on TV, buy Chota Bheem toys, comics, and other merchandise.

Chota Bheem games are available online, all of which are successful because they are Indian games having Indian characters. This is one of the games loved by children all over the country. This particular game is now called Chota Bheem Kung Fu jump. It is a great fun game featuring Chota Bheem and all his friends. It has good graphics and animation and is highly interesting for children to play.

This game is developed by Nazara technologies and has become popular within a short time. This game is set in China, where the Princess Indumati has been kidnapped. Chota Bheem and his friends have to go to the Jade mountains and rescue the princess. The interesting storyline makes the game exciting for kids to play. There are a lot of adventures they have to go before they can reach the palace and save the princess.

Features of Chota Bheem Kung Fu jump game :

  1. In this game, Chota Bheem has to save the princess, and at the same time has to save his friends also. It is exciting and the storyline and plot make the game interesting for children.
  2. The game has excellent graphics and animations to keep kids entertained.
  3. The gameplay is simple, user-interactive and great to play. Children would love playing this game, thanks to smooth gameplay.
  4. There are many levels and adventures to complete before the princess can be saved.
  5. Finally, the master villain Lok Cui has to be confronted. Bheem and his friends have to fight the villain and defeat him, only then they can save the princess.
  6. There are a lot of interesting game elements, a mega-booster is available, which players can take.
  7. They can get a score booster to score more points.
  8. A Magnet and a rocket are available, which can help them move in the Jade palace quickly and save the princess.
  9. Throughout the game, some mystery boxes would be found. They have to locate these boxes and open them and there are surprise goodies they can use to play the game easily, get more points and defeat the villain.
  10. Multiple missions and challenges make this game exciting.

You can install Chota Bheem Kung Fu jump on your mobile by easily downloading it from the 9Apps website. After installing, you can give the mobile to your children to enjoy a great time playing this very interesting fun game. Of course, you may also find it interesting to play.

Certain excellent features of Chhota Bheem have been prescribed below, check them out

  1. In this app incurred are the superb power ups
  2. Catch hold of the Rocket
  3. Achieve a scoring booster
  4. Grab a Magnetic holder
  5. Begin with the Mega Headstart
  6. Check out various mystery boxes


To incur this app on your device and be a part of this game, grab this plenty of missions and challenges through this awesome adventure and enjoy the game to fullest without any delay by just switching on to 9apps APK store and install and download instantly on your device and enjoy the best of it.

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