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About the Chhota Bheem Speed Racing .APK from 9Apps

Chhota Bheem game free download from 9apps Chhota Bheem or Little Bheem is a children’s animation TV series that has it all—adventure, laughter, and fun. The brainchild of Rajiv Chilaka, it first premiered on Pogo TV in 2008. In this series, a little boy named Bheem and his adventure is the focus of the game. He and his friends live in the fictional kingdom of Dholakpur.

Their main objective is to protect the king of Dholakpur, Raja Indravarma, and his kingdom from the evil all around them. At times, they render similar service to other kingdoms. This series is so popular among Indian children that it still continues to be aired.


In these games, Chhota Bheem and his gang of friends, Raju, Chutki and Jaggu Bandar are popular for their good actions. A nine-year-old boy, Chhota Bheem is smart and brave and fights evil. And he loves eating laddoo. Here are some of the large library of games that you can play with him:

# Chhota Bheem Speed Racing

Game Features

Chhota Bheem fans and general Android users can explore the six different adventure worlds this game unfolds—Dholalpur, Kathmandu, Petra, Incan, Bali, and Shinobi. As you play, you will get an opportunity to open six superpowers to help you on your journey.

You can meet your favorite superheroes and help them save the world. There are challenging missions and rewards too, so try to collect 24 cars and explore them and test your racing skills when you’re in the Endless Race Mode.

# Chhota Bheem Jungle Run

Game Features

No. 1 in the adventure:

Enter this fantasy jungle and be in the midst of wild animals. This game is great for testing your strategies and tactics to run away from the animals who want to kill Chhota Bheem and you. The focus of this game is to avoid the baddies and wild animals, so enjoy this game as you find workable strategies for your safety.

Graphics and fun animations in Endless Runner:  

These fun games are exciting too and set in 3D animation. Vividly depicted landscapes give a natural jungle ambiance while sound effects are superb.

One on One Play or Multiplayer Race Options:

Race all by yourself or with a friend and explore this adventure. Send your friends invites through Facebook and play with them. Post your progress on Facebook for all your friends to see.

Power-ups and superb upgrades:

The game is exciting for its several power-ups and upgrades. The greater the number of power-ups you get, the more exciting this game becomes.

Easy game to play:

An easy game to play, it gives smooth control. All it needs is to use the mouse and click on the direction you want Chhota Bheem to take.

Play by level:

You can advance in this game by completing one level and then moving on to another.

# Chhota Bheem the Hero

This adventure game is all about Chhota Bheem defending Dholakpur from his enemies, who each has a special skill. So, this is a game of strategy and tactics.

Game Features

Win 50 levels of victories against the enemies of Dholakpur

Battle scenes that will keep you engaged.

Great graphics and soundtrack

Customize your strategy using tower upgrades

Compatible with Android tablets and phones

These are some of the fascinating games centered around Chhota Bheem. There are many more in store for the adventure-oriented. Download the Chhota Bheem games and enter the fascinating world of this lovable character.

Some interesting Features of the Chhota Bheem Speed Racing .APK From 9Apps

  • The Android users and Chhota Bheem aficionados will love to explore entirely six new worlds of adventure in the game; Petra, Shinobi, Dholakpur, Kathmandu, Incan, and Bali and will get the opportunity to unlock six super-powers which will help you in your journey.
  • Chhota Bheem Speed Racing app from 9Apps offers you chance to meet your favorite super-heroes and assist them in saving the world. You have to complete the challenging missions and collect the rewards, look-out for secret places and surprises, try to collect all 24 cars and explore them, for better results boosts your special-powers, and test your racing skills in the Endless Race Mode.
  • The controls and gameplay mechanism is very simple and this App is perfect for both kids and adults.

Those who have loved games like Chhota Bheem Race, Chhota Bheem Jungle Run, Chhota Bheem- The Hero etc. will definitely enjoy Chhota Bheem Speed Racing from Nazara’s Games portfolio and will download it from 9Apps store right now.

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