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Color Flashlight App is one of the most amazing apps for all Android users. This app has an application of receiving MSG and Call with the feature of multi-color flashlight alert option incurred in it. This app is available on 9apps website. The Color Flashlight is so much worthful that even if the Android device when kept in silent mode or mute, even without listening to the ringtone of phone or the vibration, it alerts the device user by blinking of the color flashlight.

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This app helps in finding the phone when it is kept in silent mode or the mobile device gets misplaced somewhere else. Through this app, a user gets a flash notification for text and alerts for all other apps only through the blinking of the color lights. There are five color lights in this app to set them, they are Red Light, Blue, Yellow, White and Green Light.

During the SMS and Calls received, this app is very well customized with color flashlight notification signal in it. This app works on the basis, on opening the app, and then by choosing the app the user gets the color flashlight alert on his device. This app is applicable to all Android users without any registration fees, extremely free of cost. This app can turn a phone into a flashlight of a color, police light, disco light, candle and led banner.

If you are stuck out in darkness on the road without a single road light then this Color Flashlight app is very useful to lead you out form the darkest of occasions. This color Flashlight can also be used to find a seat in a dark theatre, or also helps out in finding your way when the power at home goes off.


  • Alert from the Flashlight through quick blinking
  • With just a simple tap on the screen, Color Flashlight can be enabled or disabled
  • Color specification for chosen for different apps in a device
  • Color Flashlight can be maximized or minimized through the volume button
  • Battery savage can be done through this app
  • This app is featured with various kinds of Color notifications incurred in it
  • This app is easily accessible to all kinds of devices
  • For all notification, Flashlight alert is incurred
  • On a missed call, a Flashlight is blinked
  • The Flash Color Light blinks when an SMS received or a message received


As this app is benefited with plenty of features and very useful to all Android users at all times, then, installing this app from the 9apps fast download is much safe and secure.  Enjoy the best of this Color Flashlight without investing a single penny.

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