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As per the name of the app, Masala represents the spice in the market and on the internet. So, this app is all about the news and if you are looking for a free and fast app that can help you keep up with all the latest things that are happening around the globe then Daily Masala News app is the only thing that you should look out for.

Features of Daily Masala News app

There are so many people out there that choose up the Daily Masala News app over the entire news app and the things that really matters are the features of the Daily Masala News app and here mentioned below are all of them. So, look out for them –

1) Business Related News

There are so many e-commerce websites that you can come across and in order to get the updated related to the business in the world, you have to use the Daily Masala News app as there are so many editors that can help you out with that.

2) Travel News

The travel news thing is something that you need for yourself all the time and using the travel news can help you to track up the airplanes and some other transports and the roads in a certain location of tourism.

3) Local News

The app is so smart and if you are using it in a certain location then it will detect that itself and you will get to see the news related to the location that you are in. This is one of the best things that you can get with the Daily Masala News app and it is all that you need in a perfect news update app for your mobile.

4) Entertainment and Film Industry News

The entertainment and the film news are all related to the actors, directors and all the things that are happening over the media and the film industry. If you are much interested in these things then using the Daily Masala News app can be bliss and you can get the most out of these things. There are so many things that you can get from the app and this is one of the things that are out there for you.

5) Educational and Technical News

All the new things that are introduced in the market in the name of tech and education is there for the users. There are so many things that you can get from the app and the news that are related to the tech and education are one of the most important things that one has to look out for. So, you need to keep a track on the educational and technical news as per that thing.

Install & Download Daily Masala App Through 9apps

Here’s the app, whereby all news can be captured in one App and that’s none other than Daily Masala. Through this app, the reading experience of the users increases and provides the utmost necessary information required. Thus, to install and be a part of this app, just go to http://9apps.download/ and install without any hassles. And this is gonna be the best way to all users to know India and the Whole world events going on.

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