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Launchers for android are the best and the most important things that you need every now and then. The android cannot work when you are not proving it a launcher and even if it is an inbuilt launcher and if you look out then you will see that there are a lot of launchers that you can use instead of using the launcher that is already on your phone. The launchers that you can get are boring that don’t have any gesture ort anything and that is why you need some really amazing launchers that can help you out in some of the most amazing ways.

There are some really amazing things that you can get in here and 9app apk store can help you to get your hands on some of the most famous stores and the apps or the launchers that we can all available in better way. There are these launchers available at a price at some stores and when you are using the 9apps store then you don’t have to pay anything to anyone and this thing can help you to get it for free. When you get such an app for free then you should not get any other chance and you should use 9apps to get the APUS launcher right now on your mobile phone.

Download APUS Launcher App

Download APUS Launcher App

Download APUS Launcher App

Features of Apus Launcher

There are some really indistinct features that are really amazing and no other launcher can help you get such things on your mobile phone. You can turn your smart phone in some really other level launcher and the Apus Launcher can help you to get some really amazing things and here is a list of features that you can get from the Apus launcher when you install it on your mobile –

1) Fast Access to Wallpapers, videos and Photos

You can change your wallpapers in a faster way as you can get access to them and to the videos in the gallery which make it a user friendly launcher.

2) Friendly UI

The UI is really simple and easy to use with some really amazing graphics that can make your launcher looks awesome. Choose from a variety of theme as to add much more fun to your home screen.

3) Top-Notch Features

The features that you can get from the launcher such as the gesture as it looks like some 22nd century thing where you draw something on screen and the respective app will open up.

4) Breaking News

The breaking news as per your location and the whole country is shown to you on the screen and on a single slide that you can choose in the settings. These things can help you be updated with everything related to the news out there in the country.

5) Best Games to Download

There are a lot of these games available on the home screen and you can get to download all of them in a much simpler way with Apus Launcher.

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