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We all know Love is a great collection of feelings, attitude and states ranging from interpersonal affection to pleasure for everyone. Love can be referred as emotional attraction and attachments between people who love each other. No one can explain exact meaning of love as love has no definition.  But you can share your feelings with Love Status through various media but whatsapp is the best media for sharing your feelings by putting the status on the status bar.

Today the trending in social media platform is whatsapp and we can find whatsapp on everyone’s Smartphone it has become like built-in app for any smartphone. And we also know that people always change their Status from time to time on whatsapp. So we are going to share Best Whatsapp Love Status with you and for sure you are going to like these status too.

Love has no age limit or age group and there is no any fix date or time to show or express your love and you can do it anytime. Usually youngsters try to spice up their love life with great lines, love Status/Message that embrace a lovely collection of words and is a great way to impress your partner.

The Love Status on the social media is highly admired by the people to create the armful feelings towards the love and it has become the best way also. We have a very little question for you. By putting the name of your lover in whatsapp status is also a great way to surprise your lover.

In everyone’s life there is someone who makes feel alive and it’s your lover. So, feel the fragrance of their presence by devoting the most romantic Love Whatsapp Status for her and don’t forget to make her feel special.

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It is free of any virus and won’t damage your smartphone. So, without any doubt go ahead and download whatsapp on your smartphone and impress your girlfriend. For using whatsapp you won’t require any special knowledge for using it just install it and read the basic steps and you are ready to go.